Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Date Night Was ...

Taped Lost and will watch it tomorrow ... Details tomorrow.

Jedi Mind Tricks Vocal Talents

I'm very tired. I had so much to do after I got to work. I'm not even going to detail all the crap I've had to deal with today because I really don't see how rehashing it all will make anyone feel better. I'm jetting at 4 o'clock and that's the bottom line.

In happy news, I got to chat with Adriana for a bit yesterday. She informed me that she just scored a sweet voice-over job on an online Star Wars video game! She will be voicing this character:

Her name is Leela and she is a Jedi-in-training. Apparently she only has about 5 lines but how many lines do YOU have in a video game, huh? I am so proud of her ... woot!

My other favorite diva, Britney Spears, was spotted at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas this week. As you can see she is happily porting around her new baby chihuahua like a proud new mother.

Unfortunately, you can also see that it looks as if she hasn't run a comb or brush through her hair in ages (I shant comment further on her sorry looking pony tail) nor does it look like she has touched her make-up in eons. I mean, c'mon, you can see your reflection in her forehead! I doubt her pores are filled with as much grease as you could ring from K. Fed's wife-beather but still ... give us all a break already! I love me some Britney, y'all know that I do but, it's hard sometimes ... it's just so damn hard.

I'm not sure if this photo is NSFW or not but ... I'm tired and delirious. The Scissor Sisters are about to release their "most controversial video yet" for Filthy/Gorgeous. From NME: SCISSOR SISTERS have been caught in the middle of the most debauched and depraved night of excess this year which saw band members being spanked, ridden by a midget, and exposed to a vast array of breasts and sex toys ... New York's glam-disco troupe are set to release their most controversial video yet for the forthcoming single "Filthy Gorgeous", which singer Ana Matronic has described as "a party in my pants -- not everyone's invited but everyone's definitely coming". My guess is that it won't be seen on heavy-rotation on MTV.

And now, the news:
  • A new episode of Lost (iieee!!!) airs tonight ... it promises to leave us with a wicked cliffhanger (eeeek!!!) ... and will be the last new episode for a little while (nooooo!!!): Tonight, things go from strange to stranger for TV's most fascinating castaways on a sterling, shock-filled Lost, the show's last original episode this year ... As he has all season, producer J.J. Abrams carefully treads the line between fun and frustration tonight, parceling out just enough information to keep you satisfied while keeping you wanting more. So while a few questions are answered, many more are posed in this mid-season cliffhanger, all the better to ensure your return in January when Lost is paired with Abrams' equally entertaining Alias. On the (small) brightside, all of the episodes that have aired thus far will be reaired until the new episodes begin again. I am planning on taping all of the episodes in order (while Sarah is taping all of the first season episodes of Laguna Beach). Weee!
  • If the shocking Scissor Sisters isn't enough for you how about the hoopla surrounding Colin Farrell's twig + berries featured in Alexander? Click THE LINK to be taken to the NSFW site Fleshbot wherein you can see a (very dark) picture of the aforementioned Irishman's tidbits. Enjoy!
  • Osiris rises again! ODB can't be kept down ... his new album drops in January. NEW YORK (AP) -- An album featuring 15 new songs by rapper O.D.B. is slated to hit stores in January, less than two months after his death. Cherry Jones, O.D.B.'s mother, and his manager, Jarred Weisfeld, announced Tuesday they were creating JC Records (Jarred Cherry Records) to release "Osirus," titled for one of his many nicknames. Holla.
  • Did you know that Ashlee Simpson is going to star in a movie? Well, neither did I! Ashlee Simpson is discovering that she has a lot in common with the character she's about to play on the big screen in her first major film role. Just like Clea, she's got basic insecurity issues common to most young women -- though the singer is a tad more successful than the aspiring actress she portrays in "Wannabe." "She's searching for herself in a sense, who she is as a woman," Simpson said. "She's a tomboy, which is a lot of fun to play -- I come to work, and it's just three minutes of going through hair and makeup, which is awesome. And there's some similarities between Clea and me. Her issues, I can definitely identify with." I wonder if Clea has acid-reflux just like Ashlee ... I bet she's got a drummer that doesn't know how to push the right buttons either. Okay, SNL jokes are done -- the good news (well, for me) is that the second season of Ashlee's reality show on MTV begins next month. The next season, which starts airing January 5, will also show Simpson embarking on her first tour, which she says will feature her and her band "just rocking out". "It's going to be nice, simple, stripped-down. I've been working on the piano, so you'll probably see me playing that," she said. "We're not trying to do anything too over-the-top." My question is, when does the second season of Laguna Beach begin?!
  • Need a new case for your iPod? Click HERE for directions on how to make a surprisingly cool-looking one out of a milk jug [via Engadget]
  • Yawn! The Grammy Awards nominations were announced yesterday and Kanye got the most nods. Said Kanye: "I wrote my Grammy speech four years ago, in my head, when I was taking the train from Newark to Baseline [Studios, in New York]." I will surely laugh my ass off if he gets shut out. There were some good noms for some good artists/bands like: Maroon 5 (Best New Artist), Bj√∂rk & Gwen (Best Female Vocal), Prince (Best Male Vocal), Kylie & Britney (Best Dance Recording), Ryan Adams (Best Solo Rock Vocal) and The Killers (Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal). Let's see if anyone cool actually wins.
Tonight is Date Night (it is also our 14th month Anniversary not that we are counting month Anniversaries after our first year or anything) and I was hoping that Erik would be interested in seeing the new Parker Posey movie. But, after our event-filled morning I'm not sure if he (or I) will be up for going out.


Spent the morning (6 AM on) dealing with Erik's allergic reaction ... to something (crab cakes Kirstin?!?) which included a trip to the Emergency Room at St. John's. We were there for hours ... and it was depressing. There was a lady there who miscarried and another lady who was brought in after her live-in boyfriend hit her.

Today is my long day and I'm dead tired already. I may post again later on. Now, to work.