Sunday, December 12, 2004

Uh Oh

I think I know what my next cellphone is going to be ...

The Samsung D500 (American version P777) is awesome! I don't think it will be out in America for a few months ... but ... I don't have a slider phone -- with a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, bluetooth ... so ...

Fell In Love With A Bear

Last night while in Ann Arbor we had sushi at Totoro before the concert. I really wanted to get to Wizzywig because I have been craving Japanese candy for days now. I loaded up on the candy and then discovered a new Japanese toy ... and FELL IN LOVE! His name is Gloomy Bear (his creator has an official website too). Here is the story as best as I can figure out: He was found as a cute little bear cub and was brought home as a pet by a blonde-haired kid named Timmy (but I've found that is sometimes referred to as Pity). As Gloomy Bear grew his instincts kicked in and now all he does is attack, beat up and maul Timmy ... or any other human he comes in contact with.

I love him! I was telling Erik, while we were eating sushi, that I wanted to get a little toy strap for my cellphone (it's a Japanese thing) and I was, happily, able to get a Gloomy Bear cell phone strap:

He is so cute ... I hope I am able to get more Gloomy Bear things soon ... weeee!