Sunday, November 20, 2005

Irregardless Is A Word

I'm not sure why ... but every time I use the word irregardless I end up getting tons of emails and comments letting me know that "irregardless" is not really a word and that I should stop using it. I am not interested in getting into the debate over whether or not the word irregardless is an actual word or not ... I only use the word because it is featured, quite nicely, in the movie Mean Girls ... here are some screencaptures of Lacy Chabert's character, Gretchen Wieners, saying the word:

People ... it's not that big a deal. Who cares if the word irregardless is an actual word or not ... hasn't anyone ever heard of poetic license? Irregardless, the word is used in the movie Mean Girls and that is the reference I am trying to make when I use the word. I'm sure this won't put the rest the intense ire that the word inspires in the Grammartarians out there ... but hopefully it's a start. [thanks to Shane for the awesome screencaps]

If you haven't already, you really should watch the movie Mean Girls ... it's so freaking hilarious ... and it's totally fetch!