Friday, January 21, 2005

She's All That

Stop the presses! If you are at work or at (sic) school then skip out NOW! Jamie Lynn Spears is going to actually be on TRL today:

She's getting love from the press and now she's going to be gettin' love from the TRL contingency. I doubt she will sing but you can download an extended version of her theme song Follow Me HERE.

Not enough for ya? Well, how would you like to win a wardrobe chosen by Jamie Lynn especially for you?

Downside: The clothes come from JCPenney
Upside: They'll probably smell of J-L Spears

And while her big sis does stoopid stuff like buying new domains (pay a visit to, Jamie Lynn's star continues to rise:

And we're still waiting for that debut album.

I Got U All In Check

There are certain things that spread like wildfire once they hit the blogosphere ... first up the Lindsay Lohan spitting picture:

This picture is hilarious but I think the gold star goes to goldenfiddle for offering up this wonderful gem:

So, so best! Courtney Love has eaten Kirstie Alley!

So, I was able to watch the first 2 episodes of Point Pleasant yesterday and I have to say -- so far, so doesn't suck:

I really like the theme song composed by Danny Elfman. The cast seems aw'ight but time will tell if they can hold up. I'm not sure how this whole "daughter of Satan" thing will flesh itself out but I'm going to give it a shot. I half expect to hear a creepy chorus start to sing whenever the character Xtina (who looks an awful lot like Tara Reid) gets that evil look in her eye.

Salve! Sa-ti-nas!
Salve! Sa-ti-nas!

We'll see if The Omen meets The OC finds its audience.

Show creator Marti Noxon (ex-Buffy executive producer) is talking up the fact that she wants James Marsters (ex-Spike on Buffy/Angel) to join the cast. She already gave a small part to Adam Busch (ex-Warren on Buffy) -- it's like Buffyfest 2005!

Plus, you never know who else might show up on Point Pleasant:

2 more Tori Amos promo pix have been discovered and this one looks very much like a Point Pleasant promo picture. See both Tori pictures HERE.

I spent part of yesterday afternoon catching up on episodes of I Love the 90's Part Deux and I have to say WOW and EEK at how Nelson look these days:

Time has not been kind to these dudes. Nor has their hair stylist. In other 90's Love news ... Buffy the Vampire Slayer is featured in the 1998 episode that premieres tonight. Be there or be square, y'all!

EFFING AWESOME NEWS ... Pepsi is bringing back their free iTunes download promotion:

Here's hopin' the tilt ya head back trick still works. Now that bottles of semi-clear Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist will also have game caps ... I think I'm gonna score a shizzload of free downloads -- again. Holla!

The Next Big Thing issue of Spin has The Killers on the cover

Aren't they kind of the current big thing? Whatevs, I still love those guys despite all their Godliness.

Creed + God = poop sandwich
The Killers + God = me looking the other way

Kylie Minogue is pulling a Tom Hanks a la The Polar Express ... she is appearing in an animated movie as the voice of a little girl:

Check out the website for The Magic Roundabout to hear a sample of one of the songs she sings for the soundtrack.

My sweetie Adriana sent me a fun link to a bunch of retro Halloween costumes, I was very surprised to find many costumes that I wore as a kid:

Yes folks, one year I was a Rubik's Cube. My fave was the He-Man costume because I had the "life size" plastic Sword of Greyskull too! Hot! I was a cool kid. Well, except for the Rubik's Cube thing ...

And lastly, I was going to completely ignore all the bullshizz surrounding the inauguration because it still pisses me off ... but anyways ... there has been some tiny bright spots to focus on ... like hearing "Fuck Bush" live on CNN:

THIS SITE has a clip you can download. It's from CNN's coverage of the parade route ... you can clearly hear the expletive ... it RAWKS!

Click HERE for another great clip. Fox News interviewed an editor from Vanity Fair about the inauguration parties ... she went on to blast the administration's audacity to spent $40 million on parties while we are at war and our soldiers are not equipped with vehicle armor. She got to have her say ... live on Fox News. It brought a tear to mine eye.

And now, it's the news:
Happily, I am home enjoying a nice day off work. It's teacher's record day and I'm still in my undawear ... it's glorious! There is a 99.9% definite plan for dancing ce soir at The Necto in A2. I need to get my boogie on, y'all.

I have to say mucho gracias for all the mad love I've been getting from the Titans of the Internets. His Thighness has been giving me shout-outs for the past few days and has made my site traffic soar. Today the illustrious Uncle Grambo also gave me a public shout-out about my Best of Buffy post. I'm honored and humbled. These guys are the THE best of the best. Woot!

What? What's that? Oh, sorry, I have to go ... my couch is calling my lazy ass. Later days, better lays.