Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Real LB

And the Britney-sighting drought continues ...

She must be too busy making sure that K-Fed isn't sluttin' up other chicks or something. Come back girl ... we miss you. Her new single is set for release in the UK next month and the supposed cover has been leaked:

C'mon ... I could make a more professional-looking cover and I suck at Photoshop. I really hope this is a fake ... or something.

TV last night was trés boring. A Wednesday night sans Lost is hardly worth living through. I managed to chuckle a few times during The Simple Life 3 but I just found myself laughing at things that I had already seen in the first 2 seasons. I forced myself not to slip into a coma during The Newlyweds:

Because I really wanted to watch the season premiere of The Ashlee Simpson Show. Come the fuck on, can you spare me the To Be Continued ... bullshizz! It seems really stupid to stretch out the SNL thing any longer than necessary. Ashlee, get it over with and move on. If these pop stars would just listen to me they would be a lot happier. Geeze, someone call her agent already!

Alright, so I'm sure many of you have seen Lindsay Lohan's new video for the song Over, right?

I love that Drew Fuller (ex-Chris on Charmed) co-stars but can someone explain to me what the eff is going on in the video? Here's how I see the storyline: Lindsay can't see Drew anymore because his father beats him and Lindsay coaxed him into taking his father's car for a joyride and he got busted. Oh yeah, and there was a make-out rendezvous in a trailer and an incident at a pool party where Drew's dad made him leave Lindsay and come home. And Lindsay wants to know if they are over or not??? I've seen the video a few times ... am I missing some subtext or something? They should teach this stuff in college or something. Music videos can be so complex and confusing.

If someone can make me understand what is going on in that video I might be willing to offer a pretty sweet reward:

And the loser gets this shirt. This offer ends soon so y'all better get cracking.

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 may be a cutie but I have to object to seeing him shirtless:

Somebody get this boy some Hawaiian Tropic STAT!

Kylie Minogue has been making a pretty big to-do about the new ring that she's been wearing lately:

Rumor has it that the ring is a gift from her beau Olivier Martinéz. It looks a little ugly but I love her so much that I don't want to make fun of it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any pictures of her green finger before I crack a joke.

So I mentioned yesterday that I was all excited about seeing Stephen Coletti from MTV's Laguna Beach at Necto tonight ... before he cancelled his appearance. So ... I'm not going to talk about his stupid ass any more ... well, unless he reschedules and actually comes to Detroit. That said, there are plenty of other Laguna Beach kids to talk about. Dieter Schmitz, who I always thought looked a bit like a burn victim, has been keeping himself bizzy:

No, not posing for underage gay porno mags .. he's been working to raise money for troubled teens. Good for him! He may not have been my fave LB cast member but I'll give him snaps for helping out his fellow man. Check out his profile at My Space.

Lo Bosworth has been, well, hanging out it seems:

According to her My Space profile she'd "rather be shopping". Good for you Lo, don't aim too high or anything.

My girl Kristin Cavalleri is completely done with Stephen and ready to take over Laguna Beach:

Kristin also has a profile at My Space and actually updates her blog. She is a pretty big Ashlee Simpson fan and, according to her, the new season of Laguna Beach will begin airing on May 5th. Woot! I guess I'm not too upset about tonight's cancellation ... but just think about the kickass pictures I could have had for tomorrow's post. [Big up to Sarah for helping out with all the My Space links]

I came across this piece of piercing jewelry by Diesel:

And have no idea where you're supposed to wear it ... ideas?

Let's hit the news:
So I have one more Chris Evans picture to share. It really doesn't flow or fit with anything that I talked about today but here you go anyways:

I love it when famous people use their celebrity for good causes ... especially when they do so in their underwear ... and are hot dudes.

Word on the street is that all the cool Detroit kids are congregating at Luna tonight for some happenin' 80's-type clam bake. I might have to make a cameo. I'm audi.