Saturday, February 05, 2005

Extreme(ly Bad) Makeover

Stop the presses ... here's a first look at Kevin Federline and his new make-over:

So there you have it, the newest Details coverboy in all his, er, glory. We should have known that if Britney was involved in his make-over process that a brush would never enter the picture. On the plus side, he's not sporting the corn rows ... I suppose we should thank God for small favors. And can I get a WTF? on the dog ... that shit may work for Paris Hilton but not for Kevin Freeloader.

Survey says: Poop Sandwich!

I can't wait for the L'Uomo Vogue pictures to surface ... and there better be eyeliner, damnit!

Tonight, live from New York ... Paris Hilton will be hosting Saturday Night Live!

It looks like they will be doing a Donatella Versace skit ... but who's hoping for an Ashlee Simpson skit?! I'm not sure if I'm going to be home tonight to watch it live but you can bet your sweet azz that I will be taping. Woot!

It's so nice to see celebs helping out the less fortunate (technically, that includes everyone else but anyways) ... Kirsten Dunst found it in her heart to help out a homeless man:

I say kudos to Kirsten! But, I wish someone could spare some change for this little homeless girl:

She looks hungry.

So it looks like Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are a saucy little item these days:

Of course they could merely be friends and happened to share the same car but it's far more interesting to believe that they are doing the nasty. For what it's worth, they look cute together.

Oh Hilary Duff ... are you shooting a movie with this boy?

Or are you just trying to test out those Trojans? The world is dying to know.

The usually mannish looking Jennifer Garner looks pretty hot in this picture from British GQ:

Jennifer has been hinting that she might quit acting to pursue other work like business, writing or piano playing. This photoshoot is a great first step!

Gwen Stefani sharpened her claws and went out for a hike recently:

I'm not sure how I feel about the L.A.M.B. 1814 look. Ah well, Holla atcha Harajuku Girls!

Star Wars: Episode III news ... the voice of General Grievous has been announced:

Matthew Wood will be voicing the good bad General. I know, who the shizz is Matthew Wood, right? Apparently he is a behind-the-scenes dude who worked on other Star Wars movies. Well, use those connections homie ... and don't fuck it up! [via goldenfiddle]

Local Detroit radio station Channel 95.5 has stumbled upon the wondrousness of D-town's Pink Playa:

Aw yeah ... gotta love the shout-out! Holla atcha boy!

And now, the news:
With guests in town I will probably be out of blogging commission for the rest of the day. I'll keep my ear to the ground though ... and I will be back!