Sunday, February 06, 2005

Supa Sunday

Here are few more pictures of Britney with her step-daughter Kori. They look so cute together:

It seems that Britney really cares about this little girl. And how cool for Kori that Britney Spears is her step-mom. Well, these pictures are just too cute not to share ...

The Everything Tori portion of Tori Amos' official website has launched. It's chock full of information, pictures and updates:

The section labeled Musings & News seems to be like a blog. Here is a list of Tori's favorite songs of the moment:

Tori's Top Ten Songs
Posted February 03, 2005

1. Livin For The City – Stevie Wonder *
2. Drive - REM *
3. Ivo – The Cocteau Twins *
4. Desire As – Prefab Sprout *
5. A Case of You - Joni Mitchell *
6. Cissy Strut – The Meters *
7. The Last Chance Texaco – Rickie Lee Jones *
8. Jerusalem – Sinead O’Connor *
9. A Forest - The Cure *
10. Fire and Rain - James Taylor *
11. Beautiful Feeling - PJ Harvey *
12. Feeling Good - Nina Simone *

* All of these songs are available on iTunes!

It's pretty cool (although, I'm not sure how I feel about the iTunes mention). Already, it has more information than Scarlet's Web ever had. Let's hope they keep adding fun stuff.

Not enough Tori for ya, check out THIS INTERVIEW from Uncut magazine.

A bunch of celebrities, Vanessa Williams and Paula Abdul included, strutted their stuff on a runway in New York for a heart disease charity:

I like the red vibe but the dresses look a bit like unfitted potato sacks ... well, Paula's does at least.

Don't be fooled by the rocks she ain't got, Jenny's engagement ring is on the auction block.

I don't think the bauble will show up on eBay but it's due to be auctioned off soon to "serious buyers" only. Hey, wasn't that ring pink? That would make a great gift for your favorite blogger, don't cha think?

Kylie Minogue is never afraid to try out new fashion trends:

I'm not sure who tried to convince her that Xmas tree skirts were the new thing but, she does look fierce in it.

I was able to catch a re-run of the last episode of MTV's My Super Sweet 16 yesterday:

I swear, it's the best thing to watch ... ever! And, hello, look at those boobs and tell me she didn't get a boob job. Oi vey! I so missed out on my super sweet 16.

Did y'all catch Paris Hilton on SNL last night ... oh, yeah, y'all prolly fell asleep like I did. Her skits were not funny at all (i.e. the Louis Vuitton purse skit? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ). Well, when Paris is not hosting skit comedy shows on live TV she's out on the town for a night at the ballet:

The dress looks alright, but hello wonky eye! Check out more pictures from the Ballet Gala HERE.

Does Jenny McCarthy have only one facial expression? She is always making this face in various pictures or ad campaigns. But anyways, this Candies ad picture is really cute:

Kelly Clarkson rules ... and what's not hot about 2 chicks in the bathtub? Even I know that's hawt!

Oh yeah, and there is some football game today ... or something ... so ... here's hoping for some insanely ridiculous wardrobe malfunction or something. I mean, what else will we have to talk about tomorrow?

And now, the news:
So yeah, no big surprise, I could give a crap about the Superbowl today. Erik and I are going to see the movie Bad Education instead:

We are so indie! I kind of don't want to do much today ... it's been a long weekend. I will return if anything scandalous transpires ... but I'm not holding my breath. Laters.