Thursday, February 10, 2005

Debbie Does Dallas Bare Ass

Here are, what I believe to be, the first pictures of Debbie Gibson's nude pictorial from Playboy magazine:

She looks cheap, don't she? I'm not 100% sure these are Playboy pictures or just promo pictures in support of her new song Naked but nudie shots are nudie shots.

Click above to see larger semi-NSFW picture

Hmmm ... the rest of the pictures should hit the Internets soon. It's too bad Debbie didn't score the cover of the magazine like Tiffany did. But seeing how Tiff looked a bit like a drag queen did her make-up for the cover, maybe Debbie will come out ahead in the former-teen-pop-queens-do-Playboy wars.

Steve Scott, We Hardly Knew Ya

How soon until the end of Spederline? Only time will tell, but K-Fed was out again without his wife and hangin' with his homeboys:

Doesn't it seem that when celebrity couples are constantly spotted without one another it's a sure sign of separation? You know I'm going to be watching this bit of goss like a hawk.

It seems that Kevin does actually speak, as we will soon learn when the new issue of Details magazine hits the newsstands. THIS article has a preview and here are some tidbits:

On the quick relationship: "Our parents were telling us to take our time. But I mean, it's like, we knew. And how often do people listen to their parents anyway?"

On Britney: "I could go on forever about my love for this girl. ... She's (expletive) proud of me. I could be sitting at home doing nothing. I could be playing (expletive) video games. She's more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime."

Hahahhahah! I love his (expletive) use of the word fuck! That's hot! No wait, I mean trashy ... That's Trashy! I wish someone was (expletive) proud of me if I did nothing but play video games ... and blog ... and watch TV ... and go to the movies ... hey wait! I'm practically a Federline -- NOOOOOOOOO! Details magazine hits the streets on February 22.

Don't forget, K-Fed will be on Access Hollywood tonight (preview HERE) and tomorrow!

So new episodes of Lost began last night and, boy oh boy, did they come back with a great episode or what? Is it just me or does the Asian couple seem awfully interested in Claire's baby? I wasn't too surprised that Claire returned unharmed and still pregnant but I was surprised by Ethan's actions:

Poor Scott (who everyone kept calling Steve) ... I figured someone would get killed and I was pretty sure it was going to be a nobody survivor. It looked like Ethan was going to be a menace for quite a while but now we know that won't be the case. Charlie showed us what a complete loser he was in his flashback scenes; he also showed us what an unstable psycho he can be when he's pushed too far. Anyways, we KNOW that Ethan is not acting alone so it's just a matter of time before danger comes back to haunt the survivors.

If this show is going to keep its edge someone important needs to die. I suspect that someone big will die before the season's over. I can't wait!

The Brit Awards (i.e. the UK Grammys) were last night and I heard it was quite a show:

Gwen Stefani won an award (International Female Artist) and Dannii made sure that the Minogue family was represented at the show (even though Kylie lost her award to Gwen). The Scissor Sisters won a few awards (International Breakthrough Act, International Group and International Album) and Robbie Williams (who was on for the show, then off for the show, then back on for the show) decided to show up as well (if only to collect his award for Best BRITs25 Song):

The full winners list can be seen HERE.

None of the Osbournes won any of the awards but that did not stop them from attending. Kelly looks nice and snug in her dress:

And Sharon is wearing one of those support jelly bracelets that are all the rage ... and speaking of those bracelets ...

Oprah is dedicating her Friday show to Lance Armstrong (who will appear with his chick, Sheryl Crow). He is sure to talk about his bracelet campaign for awareness ... pink is the new cause:

Those pink jelly bracelets are sure to be everywhere ... I bet you can't wait to get your own:

If the bracelet isn't your thing, make sure you get one of those magnetic ribbons that seem to be on every car:

I really appreciate the support!

Wanna celebrate with Paris Hilton on her birthday? Get your ass down to Orlando, Florida for her birthday bash:

Club Paris will be the place to be ... who wants to roadtrip with me?

And let's get to the news:
Yesterday I started a week long guest-blogging stint at The site, hugely popular for it's high resolution pictures of hot celebs, lost its blogger and I was asked to take over. After careful consideration I turned down the offer. After a week they still hadn't found a permanent replacement so I agreed to help out and write posts for a week until a replacement can be found. Those kids are hardcore. My first post was met with mixed results (from praise to condemnation). I have never felt so judged in my life! I'm going to do my best to keep those folks happy in the interim so if you have any suggestions please send them my way. It's stressful having a huge audience like that to satisfy, I can see why people would retire.

So anyways, Erik and I saw Million Dollar Baby last night:

Oh my god, had I known how the movie would play out I would have brought my own razor blade to kill myself right there in the theater. But seriously, it was a very good movie. The characters were excellent ... I just loved Hilary Swank from beginning to end. It's an amazing film, I highly recommend it!

Well, I have 10 thousand things to do so I'm out ... laters!