Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bang! Your Love

Kelly Clarkson is pulling a reverse Ashlee by dying her hair blonde right before she is set to perform on Saturday Night Live tonight:

Is it too much to hope for another audio malfunction? Not that I want Kelly to be embarrassed on national TV like Ashlee was but it would be so much fun to talk about ... I won't be home tonight so I'm definitely taping the show.

So we heard that Jennifer Aniston might be hooking up with Vince Vaughn but Brad Pitt has been keeping himself busy too:

Despite denying the claim that he is romantically involved, he has been hanging around model April Florio quite a bit lately ... Interesting ... Well not so interesting but worth gossiping about.

So Jennifer Lopez debuted her new line of clothing this week in New York with new husband Marc Anthony in tow:

I just DO NOT GET the connection between these 2. She is far too beautiful for him ... he's creepy-chihuahua-looking! But anyways, Jennifer is still skinning animals to make clothes:

But it seems that she has won the support of the real fashion world. If Naomi Campbell is modeling you're clothes you have to have some bit of respect among the true fashionistas. I hate her love of fur but I love her new song so ... what's a gossip-monger to do?!

So yesterday Britney Spears went on record proclaiming that her new dog Bit-Bit is cuter than Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell:

I love Britney but I don't know if I agree with her. Look at this fierce little outfit that Tinkerbell is wearing! You tell me that ain't cute! If Bit-Bit keeps getting photographed with the likes of K-Fed then her stock is going to plummet!

And I just realized that I have sunk to a new low ... Shit, it seems like I will talk about anything, don't it?

Do you think Hayley Duff ever feels self-conscious that people only take pictures of her when she appears in public with her infinitely more famous sister Hilary?

Well, she should.

Mariah Carey dug out her old wedding dress (the one she wore when she married Tommy Mottola) for her new video:

And boy does she look horrible in it! Note to Mariah: Burn the dress already!

I wasn't able to watch The Brits so it took me a little while to learn that Siouxsie Sioux appeared as a presenter:

Apparently she was drunk as hell (not Anna Nicole Smith drunk but cool elder stateswoman of punk rock drunk) when she presented an award to the Scissor Sisters. She looks good though ... I love me some Siouxsie!

Let's get to the news:
Tonight The Bang! is The Love Bang! in Ann Arbor:

So far we have a nice little posse of folks going with us but we want more, more, more to come out and Bang! the night away. Erik and I were supposed to go shopping for outfits last night but he took me out for an AMAZING dinner at OSLO instead. We had so much fun, the food was so good ... and the drinks were strong! After dinner we went to Royal Oak for coffee and ran into both Leonard and Nikki at Caribou Coffee. It was nice catching up with those 2 (Nikki hooked us up with free drinks).

I'll try to take pix at The Bang! but no promises ... I'm out.