Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A New MJ Delay

Breaking news: Michael Jackson is probably feigning illness in order to further delay his trial:

I really believe that Jackson's legal defense team will try and draw out this case in the hopes that his accuser will die before the trial comes to a close. And you thought crap like this only happened on The Practice.

Details, Details

By popular demand, Britney Spears' formerly-international-only video for Do Somethin' is now available here in the US. It has been in rotation on MTV Hits for a couple of weeks now and just yesterday debuted on TRL:

You can vote for the video HERE. I suspect it will make its way to #1 soon.

BritneySpy.com has the first scans of pictures from Britney and Kevin's Honeymoon taken from some magazine:

You can see the rest HERE.

My man Jared from Pop Culture Junkies found this behind the scenes picture of Britney and Kevin at the Details photo shoot:

And here we have the pictures from the issue of Details magazine with Kevin on the cover:

Click image to see larger size

Hahahahaha! You've got to be kidding me with these pictures ... oh man ... well, there you go ... enjoy!

24 was so kickass last night ... there hasn't been a boring episode yet! Dina Araz finally got caught and she's ready to sing like a bird to save her son:

Oh yeah and one of the 6 nuclear power plants had a melt down and started spewing radiation into the atmosphere ... people's faces are melting off their heads and shit ... and the other 5 nuclear reactors are due to melt down within the next 2 hours!!! But, Jack Bauer and the CTU gang better save Araz Jr. before Daddy Araz blows his head off or Mama Araz ain't gonna help them anymore. Man ... this show is getting GOOD! Next week's episode looks to be a good one ... Marianne (Aisha Tyler) is gonna ger her ass beat for information:

And I can't wait!

Jessica Simpson will do anything to get into the role of Daisy Duke:

Including pulling on Willie Nelson's willie like a good little girl from Hazzard county ought to do.

Hey guess what, Tara Reid got drunk on a beach:

And today is Tuesday. [via ONTD]

We all know the Madden twins Joel and Benji from Good Charlotte, but did you know there was another Madden?

In addition to hanging out with really hot chicks, Joshie Madden apparently runs the Made Clothing line. Huh ... ya learn something new every day.

"If I was a rich girl ...

... I'd have my own show on MTV with my extremely annoying best friend and after the show aired I'd start using drugs because I couldn't handle the celebrity and I'd disappear from public view only to surface a year later with my super-dorky clothing designer dad at a Grammy party ... Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na."

This is what happens when you don't know when to stop getting plastic surgery:

You actually become a plastic Bratz doll.

And now, it's the news:
Yesterday was a nice day off ... tonight Erik and I are hanging out with some friends from work for sushi and drinks. I think I'm in the market for a new toy ... details on that when it becomes a reality.