Saturday, February 26, 2005

High Times

I'm starting to really like Aaron Carter:

Homeboy likes to hit the pipe ... But, isn't he like 15-years old or something like that? Whatevs ... I knew those dark circles under his eyes had to come from the mary jane ... Holla atcha Stoner!

Colin Farrell has already begun shooting scenes for the upcoming Miami Vice movie:

I think he will make a much sexier Sonny Crocket than Don Johnson ever did.

So what does one do with a dead horse? Why, you beat it of course:

Click HERE to play with Paris Hilton's Sidekick.

I swear, I'm about done posting pictures from the new super celeb Pepsi commercial ... but David Beckham ...

... well, there's always time for pictures of him.

Madonna spawn, Lourdes and Rocco, take Lourdes' dad out for a walk:

How else would he get people to take pictures of him?

Usher looks like he's got some problems:

Ouch! I mean, Yeah!

Ashley Olsen, the one who eats, was out and about showing off her meaty legs:

Even with a scowl she looks good!

I have to say it, Xtina Augilera looks great with her new hair 'do:

It's the first time in a very long time that she's had great hair ... I wonder who she stole it from.

In an attempt to make her husband feel less ugly, Jennifer Lopez appears in public sans make-up:

Okay, we've seen enough ... got put your face on, J. Lo.

And finally, Robbie Williams finally gets to live out a life-long dream:

Trouble is, he makes one helluva ugly woman! [via Oh La La Paris]

And now, the news:
Spent the morning clamoring for more Tori Amos tickets ... I'll be glad when we finally get to actually SEE Tori perform.

Yesterday night, Erik was able to purchase his new treadmill ... the only problem is that it weights 80 million tons ... it's still in his car because we can't lift it out. Hopefully we'll be able to bring it into the house at some point today.

Last night we also went to ULS to see the musical Once Upon A Mattress (a musical comedy based on The Princess and the Pea). It was fantastic! So funny, so good ... we were very impressed. What a great last theatrical production for me to see at ULS.

Plans for today ... haven't happened yet ... stay tuned!