Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sweet Home Santa Monica

Britney and Kevin have worn out their Louisiana welcome and are heading home ... but not before they run some errands:

Have a safe flight and we'll be waiting for your safe arrival!



Pink Factor

If I ever post on a Tuesday morning that I had a heart attack the previous night then it must mean that the stress and excitement from 24 has finally taken its toll on me:

It just keeps getting better and better ... Where do I begin? I thought CTU agent Curtis was a goner (having been kidnapped by the men who shot and killed Marianne last week) but he managed to not only get away from his captors but to successfully secure his area of the building he was held captive in. Jack was awesome with his interrogation ... personally, I think he should have zapped that dude one more time in the face just to show that he wasn't effing around. Edgar continues to save the day ... he was able to shut down all the nuclear power plants in time BUT Marwan (the evil genius) was able to escape capture. Poor Erin ... I felt bad when her Schitzo daughter Maya slashed her wrists but ... she was annoying ... and crazy ... what do you expect? Where will the story go from here? I suspect someone very high up in the US government will turn out to be working with the terrorists ... maybe the President? Hello, I wouldn't put it past 24 to go that far. Love.This.Show.

I also watched 1/2 of Fear Factor: Reality All Stars last night too, only because I wanted to see Reichen from The Amazing Race (homo supreme) win it all:

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Hottie McHotster Reichen was the first dude eliminated ... but that's okay ... we still love him don't we, y'all?

Also, Erik made me watch a little bit of How Clean Is Your House? on Lifetime last night:

Goddamn ... the people on last night's episode had FLIES AND BUGS swarming inside their house ... INSIDE THEIR POTS AND PANS! When the larger lady put her nose in a puddle to smell if it was dog pee (it was) I about barfed and had to leave the room SCREAMING! I just cannot watch that show for longer than 5 minutes ... there are some disgusting-ass people in this world ... I don't need to see how they live. UGH!

So, what's an Academy Award winning Actress to do after she wins her second Oscar?

She stuffs her face with burgers ... now that's hot!

Speaking of hot, Kristin from Laguna Beach has added a couple of new pictures to her My Space profile:

She looks great with the longer hair ... I can't wait for season 2 of Laguna Beach to start airing on MTV.

Do you remember that geeky-looking guy named Jake from Road Rules: Islands? He was the one who was always trying to hook up with Kalle? Of course you don't ... but I do ... anyways ... he has his own blog now and he talks about stuff like how he got mugged and wants to contact the mugger in order to make a deal to get his stuff back:

Check out his blog if you dare ... but be warned ... there are many pictures of his penis. He isn't a very shy person. [link via Reality Blurred]

MTV has posted an interview with Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance HERE:

It's a pretty sweet interview ... I need to see these guys live!

Pamela Anderson, classy as always, tries to wear something more conservative for her:

Hey, at least she tried.

Anna Nicole Smith is in Australia, probably looking for an extremely wealthy elderly man to seduce and marry:

Amen, girl ... you keep on prayin'.

Okay, Xtina Augilera is starting to look better (thankfully, her hair is no longer atrocious) but she reminds me of somebody in this picture ...

I just can't put my finger on who she reminds me of ...

Clearly we can tell that this is Jennifer Garner but ... who is that mysterious man she's with?

Drat! I'm dying to know who she's seeing these days.

It should be a crime for celebrities to go out in public without makeup:

Nicole Richie should be locked up for a year for subjecting us to this ... and is that her fiancee because ... she should really reconsider.

Serena Williams is not human:

Nor is she particularly proportional.

And now, les news:
Erik decided to take another sick day to recuperate from his puke-fest yesterday. Sadly, we probably won't be going to see Shonen Knife tonight ... but we are still planning on making opening night of the Metro Times Blowout tomorrow night.

It snowed a lot today and I think it really sucks. And that's all I have to say about that. Later.