Saturday, March 05, 2005

I Never

Normally I try to start my posts with pictures of Spederline (I like to start out strong) but today I am going to start out with a picture of the cutest duo in all the land:

We know that Ultragrrrl is the hottest hipster around and we know that Josh is the hottest Madden of all ... combine the 2 and you have the UltraHotness! [thanks Ultra for letting me post the pic]

Tori Amos' new video for Sleeps With Butterflies is such a cool-looking video (check it out HERE):

The video was inspired by the artwork of Aya Kato, here are a couple of art pieces to compare with:

You can check more artwork HERE.

Cher continues her Farewell Tour ... which is entering its 3rd year on the road:

I think someone needs to explain to her what the word farewell actually means.

Carmen Electra has got boobs:


Josh Hartnett really needs to wear clothing:

He also needs a lot of sun.

Avril Lavigne continues her selling-out:

Doing Cosmo covers is so punk rawk!

And finally ...

Well, I don't really know what to say about this ... except maybe Ganat Ganat. [via usemycomputer]

Let's do the news:
Yeah, we never made it to the Blowout last night. We decided to make a cameo at Mark's place to hang out until it was time to see The Fondas ... yeah, after about 25 billion beers and a rousing game of I Never ... the night's plans were shot! You'd be surprised at all the sex that boys who grow up in the country actually have ... with each other ... with others ...

Today's plans are forming now ... more soon ... Later!