Tuesday, March 08, 2005

EMP? You're Unbelievable!

Britney decided to spend another day with her mom and her sister so they spent the day shopping around town:

Bit Bit looks really cute with her pink collar ... Jamie Lynn is learning well from her big sister -- she looks like she's hooked on Starbucks frozen drinks too. Be careful J-L, all that sugar can add extra lbs. and acne ... just ask, well, your big sister.

But we all know that Britters knows how to clean up and she does so very well, just check out the cover of Allure magazine:

She confesses in her interview that she and K-Fed have had their share of problems:

"We hit a little bit of reality, hardcore, after the first three weeks. But we handled it fine, and now things are starting to go really smooth ... Before we got married we were on tour, and we were just like kids, ordering room service, saying, 'Let's go out tonight.' Then, all of a sudden, you have this home, you have the kids (KALEB and KORI), you have to get the diapers, get the dog to the vet. It's this reality."

Interesting ... I really doubt the interview will delve much deeper than that but I guess we won't know until the magazine hits stands. Developing ...

There was a new episode of 24 last night and it was the most subdued one of the season thus far. There were exciting parts at the end (i.e. Jack trying to stop the EMP bomb from going off; he failed btw) but the crux of the episode was the removal of Erin Driscoll as the head of CTU:

And the shocking installment of Michelle Dessler (Tony Almeida's ex-wife) as the new head of CTU. Wowzie! The old castmembers are gonna start pouring out of the woodwork now ... well, at least I hope Chloe returns soon. The previews for next week look exciting again ... but we must wait ...

MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno II debuted last night:

When I wasn't slipping into a coma from boredom I was yelling at the idiot castmembers that are cast for this go-round. Who were the idiots who cast Julie (RW: New Orleans) as a "Good Guy"? She's a flaming bitchface from hell! She's hardly a "Good Guy". And what moron cast Dan (RW: Miami) and Karamo (RW: Philly) as "Bad Asses"? They are anything but "Bad Asses"! Also, I hate that you have to wait every other week for someone to get booted from the show. The missions look very difficult so that's a plus ... from the previews it looks like there is going to be megadrama so that's REALLY good. Mike The Miz (Good Guy) is going to face Dan (the lamest of the Bad Asses) in the first Inferno challenge. All I can say is bye-bye Dan.

The much hyped Showtime series Fat Actress also debuted last night:

We don't get Showtime but Showtime decided to unscramble their signal for one-night-only so that everyone could watch the premiere episode of Fat Actress. The show was kind of funny ... the whole thing is based on everyone, including Kirstie Alley herself, talking about how "fucking fat" she is. I laughed a lot but I really hope the show isn't planning on this weak premise to carry the show. Not that it really matters because I won't be able to watch any further episodes ...

Destiny's Child are on the cover of the upcoming issue of V magazine:

I have to admit, the photos look pretty cool.

Jennifer Lopez looks blazin' on the cover of Blender magazine:

It looks like she got dressed in Xtina Aguilera's closet but it looks hot on J. Lo.

Except for his billions of dollars, can someone explain to me how Brandon Davis is able to score a hot chick like Mischa Barton?

Blah ... what is that thing on is forehead? He needs to talk to Enrique Iglesias' plastic surgeon to get that thing lasered off his head.

The gang at ONTD! found some (new?) pictures of the Laguna Beach kids:

What is up Kristin and Ste-PHUN? They look pretty cozy in that second pic (and by "cozy" I mean they look really into each other, what with all that exchanging of saliva).

Jessica Simpson knows what's up:

Pink looks hot on anyone's ass!

Here is Jennifer Aniston's prom picture:

She's got the same hair that Grace (from Will & Grace) had in that 80's flashback episode that detailed how Will couldn't have sex with Grace because he finally accepted that he was gay ... y'all know what I'm talking about.

The Golden Child found some pictures of The Scarecrow from the upcoming Batman Begins:

Hmmm ... burlap is scary? It's itchy, that's for sure. BUT I won't be negative ... this movie is going to rock! Or else!

And finally, just because:

Isn't this picture so wrong?!

And now, the news:
1Megalove goes out to the very kickass Thigh Master:

His blog rocks balls ... he's the dude that I try to emulate most. Thighz, pink love goes out to you!

So yeah, I hung out with Sarah and Mark last night ... they came over to watch the first episode of Inferno II. We really were expecting more but ... you get what you get sometimes.

I think I'm going to get a new electronic device which is relatively cheap (it's on sale right now) ... I am just a sucker for electronic crap ... but I've not totally decided yet. Someone talk me out of it ...