Sunday, March 13, 2005

Love Song

Rose McGowan was seen shopping in LA and she looked amazingly hot doing so:

She looks so much better since she got away from the very scary Marilyn Manson ... love her!

Speaking of very scary ... check out Kelly Clarkson sans makeup:

Yaaa! I would totally run the other way if she came at me looking like this ... I love her but I need my Kelly made-up ... BUT, even so, she is no match for the queen of horrors; she who looks TERRIFYING without make-up:

Cameron Diaz!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Zitty McPussbags needs to have a team fix her up before she should ever dare to go outside! If it wasn't for Photoshop this woman would have no career ...

Let's bring it back to the cuteness ... Hilary Duff appears to have some friends in places of authority:

I wonder if she got to keep their handcuffs? Oooh naughty, naughty!

Lindsay Lohan has been showing up all over the place lately:

I bet the geeks at the Napster party tried to get her drunk enough to get wild ... my guess is that she is not that stupid.

Jennifer Aniston looks so sad without Brad:

She's doing her own cleaning?! Insane-o! Actually, this picture is from an upcoming movie that is bound to make no money just like all of her previous movies.

And finally, what a royal tumble:

Prince William needs to take more riding lessons ... Ouch!

The quick news:
Last night was so much fun ... I got to hang out with Sarah for the early part of the evening. We had a great Thai dinner and then just hung out at her place. She was having "women's troubles" and opted out of seeing The Fondas with me ... but that was cool ... I met up with Erik, Kirsten and Mike at Small's ... and WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW IT WAS:

Julie sang an amazing set and we were quite pleased. It looked like they weren't going to play an encore but they did come back and play a couple more songs. The first song of the encore was dedicated to Erik and me! She pointed to the both of us and said that the next song was for us ... then she played Your Heart Belongs To Me. Erik told her once that I put that song on a mix cd I made for him and she sang it for us last night! We were totally geeked out!

After the show we had to thank her and got to chat with her for a bit ... THE FONDAS totally rule! We had such a blast.

Today ... hasn't happened yet ... but I'll let you know what happens ... Later!