Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Revenge Of The Nerds?

I think Britney Spears angered a lot of people by wearing that stupid scrunchie yesterday so hopefully she learned her lesson ... I'm still appalled but I'm going to try and move on now ... Ms. Brit showed off her long locks in Beverly Hills with rat husband in tow:

She looks very Lady Godiva don't she? I like the length but I don't really care for the streaks ... she looks a bit like Paris (male) of Paris2. But is it a new look or is she trying to repair some damage? The world awaits word ...

Oh and Brit, change your sweatpants already.

Last night's episode of 24 proved to be another shocker-of-sorts ... Michelle, so far, ain't that great of a leader (Memo to Michelle: Always listen to Tony) but she did do one thing right ... she fired Sarah's ass:

But I somehow think this won't be the last we'll see of Sarah. Anyways, we now know that the real terrorist plan wasn't to bomb a train, or put the Secretary of Defense on trial over the Internet, or make all of the nuclear plants in the US meltdown ... it is really a plot on the President. The whole thing is a bit convoluted but in the world of 24 anything can happen ... I'm sold on it. I like that I don't know where they are going with this storyline (it seems like they can take the storyline anywhere from here on out) so I will keep coming back for more ... and the season is only half over.

BTW ... is Jack Bauer a patriot or just a thug? It's an interesting treatise ...

MTV's Inferno II was mildly entertaining. I think my favorite part of the episode was when Jon Brennan (Real World: LA) likened his sacrifice of going into the Inferno for his team to the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross:

What?! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's even more ridiculous than Julie's hysterical freakout when Jon lost his challenge and got his ass sent home. Oh the drama ... bring it on! Loves it!

Back to the goss ... while Britney chose to lengthen her locks, Jessica Simpson chose to shorten her locks:

I don't think I like it ... she looks so beautiful with her hair long ... Anyways, she decided to show off her new look while out shopping with her sister Ashlee:

They look cute together. Maybe Jessica's shorter hair will grow on me ... or something.

At first, I mistook Hilary Duff for Ashley Olsen in this picture:

I like Hilary just the way she is, I hope she doesn't adopt the Olsen Twins' oversized-homeless chic look. Here we have Hilary and Haylie Duff doing some shopping:

They look great ... well, Hilary looks great!

Lindsay Lohan is shooting a new movie in Manhattan, Page Six Six Six promises lots of L. Lo sighting updates:

She might still be in town when Sarah and I get to go to NYC next month ... that would rock!

What is it with the nerds lately? Shirley Manson was photographed wearing a I <3 Nerds t-shirt and we know that Britney has been wearing that I <3 Nerds wristband (which doubles as a scrunchie?? We still don't know for sure) ... is this the start of a new trend?

If this is the harbinger of "nerdy-cool" then ... kill me now! Napoleon Dynamite had his 10 seconds ... let's MOVE ON NOW.

A reader sent me a link to NRG magazine which has, what appears to be, an African-American Paris Hilton on it's cover:

Click above for larger size

Their similarities are uncanny ... let's hope they didn't just Photoshop Ms. Hilton into African-Americanness. [thanks Idria]

Jared has some great screencaptures of Jesse Metcalfe getting Punk'd:

Hahahaha! I have to give it up, kudos to Ashton for pulling off this one ... the episode is totally hilarious! [via QueerClick]

Ben Affleck obviously is no fan of the paparazzi:

But he might want to try wearing more subdued colors if he is trying to go incognito.

What the hell is wrong with Alicia Keys?

This stage outfit is horrible! The only thing that could make it worse was if she were wearing a scrunchie as well ... Oi! The feathers are bad enough!

Tara Reid will hit on anyone and anything ...

The girl has no shame.

And finally, here we have the portrait of your typical angry conservative youth:

You just know she has to be on top and that he's wearing a pair of her silk panties under those khakis. Puke!

Let's do the news:
Stephanie and Tracey are scheduled to hang out tonight ... I think it will be the last Tuesday that Stephanie will be able to hang out at our house before she moves to Nashville ... we'll have to make it count.

T-minus 4 days and counting ... Spring Break take me AWAY!