Monday, March 21, 2005

Do Somethin' Nothin'

Isn't it just like the police to harass the vagrants who walk the streets?

I mean, it's easy to see how the cops might mistake Kevin Federline for a hobo ... or whatever. But later on in the weekend, K-Fed got himself a shave -- which managed to make him look even worse!

Britney and Kevin spent some time with her dad at his restaurant ... getting a parking ticket in the process. Her skin looks pretty bad ... I think she's missing her Proactiv treatments ... Britters ... take care of yourself, ya hear?

Ashton Kutcher was the host of SNL this weekend (making sure to utilize his older woman girlfriend Demi Moore during his monologue) and he did a hilarious spoof of Kevin Federline:

"I look like I might stink, yo, but I don't ... Britney thinks I look best in my underwear. By the way, Britney keeps her underwear over there and over here, and over there in that big pile. Most of the time she keeps 'em in my mouth."

Personally, I think he should have gotten corn rows but ... it was funny nonetheless.

Okay ... it's not like I'm trying to be all up in Ryan Phillipe's piece every single day but ... the pictures keep coming ... look at how cute he looks with daughter Ava and baby son Deacon:

Interesting though ... we've seen Reese out with Ava and Deacon ... and we've seen Ryan out with Ava and Deacon ... but we haven't seen Ryan and Reese out together ... I wonder ... Whatever though ...they're all still too fucking cute ... DAMNIT!

Soliel Moon Frye, AKA Punky Brewster, is all grown up and preggers:

Did you know that she is married to the guy who created Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher? Hmmm ...

Okay, so at the end of last week Mischa Barton was spotted poolside with her Über-Stinking-Rich boyfriend Brandon Davis ... and here's what transpired:

Awww ... poor Mischa ... it looks like she can't get no satisfaction ... Anyways, a little later on they tried again:

Yeah ... with his money he doesn't need to be good a sex ... Sorry Mischa, you can't have it all.

Peace the Spork Out goes out to John DeLorean who died at the age of 80 this weekend ... he is most famously known for the car he created. You might know it as the Back to the Future car:

Well at the age of 80 ... he really was OUTATIME.

Okay ... I don't mean to harp on the Kylie Minogue Showgirl Tour that I will NOT GET TO SEE LIVE at all ... but a bunch of reviews have come out ... along with new pictures ... and I want to share:

Kylie still looks incredible ... those legs ... that tiny waist ... GOD I HATE HER! Nah, I'm just kidding ... she looks amazing ... and as for her dancers:

C'mon, she has them showering ... on stage ... that is hot! I love that Kylie is pandering gay porn to her audience ... does she know her fanbase or what. Here's hoping the show gets released on DVD sometime ... soon. In the meantime, you can hear the entire opening night show HERE.

Last thing, 24 is at the halfway point:

Make sure you catch an all-new episode ce soir!

And now, the news:
Tonight Kirsten and I are going to see Brendan Benson play an instore concert in downtown Detroit at 11pm. That will be way fun ...

I am planning on doing nothing at all until then. I was going to run a few errands but I'll save them for another day ... today is DO NOTHING day.