Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Who Put The T In Trashy-Gossip?

Kevin Federline has fled with his buds to Las Vegas and that leaves Britney Spears all alone ... to hang out with her brother Bryan Spears. She spent some time suntannin' on his balcony:

And then she got him to join her and they both went down to suntan by the pool:

Looks like these 2 are going to be hanging out for a little while:

There is still no official word from her that she is, indeed, pregnant so ... we wait ... and watch Britney tan ... and stuff. But what of Jamie Lynn Spears ... she's been kinda quiet lately ... well, that's because she has been busy cheerleading:

Jamie-Spears.com has a great little article on her goings on in the world of competitive cheerleading. I'm sure the Thigh Masta will love the pix of JL in her uniform.

24 was exciting and boring all at the same time. Is the end nigh for Behrooz Araz?

Nothing really happened on last night's episode ... but they are promising a "shocking twist" in next week's episode ... so I guess we must wait.

The Inferno II was pretty damn good though ... I can't believe it, but I think I'm becoming a Beth fan:

She is out to fuck over the Bad Ass team ... and that means that Veronica and Rachel are going to be pissed off ... I love it! Hee hee!

Here are more pictures of David Beckham and his (alien) wife Victoria:

Now we know why she's always wearing sunglasses ... to hide her alien eyes that give away her true self. Now that we know Victoria's Secret we can better keep an eye on her.

Penelope Cruz has been cleared for take-off:

That outfit is hideous! No wonder Tom Cruise dumped her ... well, the ugly outfit and other reasons ...

Well look at that, Jennifer Lopez looks really happy:

... and not necessarily preggers. What the hell ... all I keep talking about is babies ... I wonder if I'm just responding to my biological clock or something ... let's move on ... let's talk about something I know about ...

Like gay men ... You know, for being straight, Tom Cruise can look pretty homo in some of his photoshoots:

QueerClick (NSFW) has found out that Tom Cruise is featured in Super Magazine. He looks ... flashy! Oh Tommy ... now we know why you got rid of Penelope.

Martha Stewart spent Easter Sunday at church:

No doubt she's praying that she'll never have to go back to prison. The only salad she wants tossed is in the kitchen, not in her prison cell.

Justin Timberlake is still with Cameron Diaz:

He must have a thing for acne-inflicted chicks. More power to him ... someone's gotta love 'em.

Pamela Anderson is just ... kinda trashy-looking:

But she's good to her kids ... that's cool.

Let's do the news:
Last night I went to a screening of Morrissey's new live DVD Who Put The M In Manchester? at the Emagine Theater:

It was kinda cool seeing it on the big screen like that. It kinda felt like being at a concert. It brought back fond memories of when I saw Moz here in Detroit.

Tonight we are all going over to Sarah's for a massage party ... Angi is becoming a masseur and she needs to do people in order to complete her training ... it's going to be a fun sushi-infused rub-down party! As long as we don't play spin the bottle it should be just good, clean fun.