Sunday, April 03, 2005

I Have Sinned

Britney Spears met up with little sister Jamie Lynn Spears and Mama Spears to hang out, presumably before Jamie Lynn had to go to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards ... there is nothing really remarkable about these pix except for the fact that Britney made sure to show that she is back to wearing her wedding ring:

She's been photographed recently while not wearing her wedding ring, which has led to the "are they breaking up" rumors ... Whatevs, Britney ... you just go on girl and do whatever you want!

Anyways, as I just said, Jamie Lynn and others made appearances at Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards:

Johnny Deep was the slimed one at this year's awards ... but look at what we have here:

Are these 2 the new Justin and Britney? We'll have to see if they are seen canoodling together again ...

The Dent has some pictures of Tori Amos at her record signing at Tower Records, and here is one of those pictures for you:

She looks great! I cannot wait to see her! Sarah and I fly to New York this coming Friday to see the first of our 3 shows ... wee!!!

Kelly Clarkson is also on the road, I see her on April 12th, and here is what her tour program cover looks like:

You can see the rest of the tour program HERE.

You can really tell that Kelly got into shape for this tour, look at her massive arms:

She looks like she can kick major ass ... but Kelly, oh Kelly ... what is this tattoo that you got?

The state of Texas ... are you kidding me?!

Note to Mariah Carey, if you're going to wear a flak jacket make sure that it fits:

... or you will look funny. But I do have to give her props for looking hot in this pink dress:

Her album drops in a couple of weeks ... we'll see if she can reclaim her crown from Beyoncé.

Michael J. Fox took his kids to Disneyland:

And here they are on Splash Mountain. Cute.

And finally, look how nice Cameron Diaz looks on the cover of Marie Clare:

She doesn't, at all, look like a raging bitchface from hell.

Let's do the news:
Erik and I went to see Sin City yesterday:

And I have to admit, I was impressed. I loved the way that the movie was shot ... the story was a tad bit disjointed but you could put everything together in the end. It was very true to Frank Miller's graphic novels ... and it just looked so cool. I even forgot for a millisecond how much I loathe Bruce Willis. It's a great movie, pretty violent (obviously Quentin Tarantino's guest directing influence) with a lot of boobies ... it's even getting rave reviews! It is well worth your time!

Afterwards we went to Q to get our gay disco boogie on ... it was hella lame as fuck! The only good songs they played were Madonna's Vogue, The Killers' Somebody Told Me and Abba's Take A Chance On Me. We got bored and went home ... to get unbored :)

Can I get a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that I have to go back to work tomorrow?! I'm so sad ... I'm going to try and make the best of today ... Later.