Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's Official, Y'all! Britney Is Knocked Up!

MTV News is reporting that Britney Spears has confirmed that she is pregnant. She made the announcement on her official website.

The site is getting hammered and it's very hard to access it. If you cannot get into her site, you can read her official announcement on her pregnancy HERE. Or you can click HERE to read what Fetus Spears has to say.

Thanks to everyone who left messages and emailed me with the news! I'm just glad that she waited until I got home to make her announcement!!!

Holy Shit ... Spederline is expanding, y'all!

Back In The Saddle

Man ... I've got a lot of shit to cover so I'm going to just get right to it ... Miss Britney Spears is a busy girl ... always on the go ... and always having to "go":

And while I was playing in New York City, Britney was busy revamping her official website:

She also updated her Dog's Crib section of the website with new pictures of Bit Bit's room:

Um ... what? A chandelier?! Garish and tacky but that's my Britney!

Remember how Shar Jackson was talkin' crap in Star Magazine about how Kevin Federline still loves her? Well here is a scan of the interview page:

Click above to see full size

She has got a lot of damn kids ... and she's talking about Britney being (an) irresponsible (parent)? Whatevs ... work it Shar, what else have you got going on?

WarJunkie is reporting that Britney has been hospitalized in Florida due to complications from her pregnancy. BUT there is another report that says that Britney and Kevin are on a "make or break" vacation in Hawaii. I'll keep sniffing around to find out the truth ... stay tuned.


You know I had to tape last night's episode of 24 because I was on a plane flying home as it was airing. The first thing I did this morning was watch the episode and OMG ... it was very intense. The president is alive but incapacitated ... 2 civilians got in Marwan's way ... but managed to survive ... and what was with that football playbook?! Jack Bauer should have told those civilians to destroy the playbook instead of trying to hide it ... but whatever ... the VP got sworn in as the new president ... he looks about as clueless as GWB:

It occurred to me that he might be in cahoots with Marwan but ... I guess we'll find out ... he looks dumb as a post tho ... I LOVE THIS SHOW!

So yeah, over the weekend there was a wedding or something?

Old people are so fugly.

OOOH look, now you can own your own Beyoncé doll with optional accessories:

I wonder if the Beyoncé doll comes with mix-and-match hair weaves?

Here are some pix from the trailer for The Dukes of Hazzard movie:

I'm worried, y'all ... I don't think it's going to be very good. Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg is a stupid idea.

Paris Hilton loves it when people watch her:

Here we have Paris2 acting all lovey ... then getting all porno:

I think Paris (male) is trying to suck out some food caught in the back of Paris (female)'s teeth. He's such a good boyfriend.

Ryan Phillipe is still flying solo ... he's even pumpin' by himself:

And you know I'm not talking about gasoline. Reese Witherspoon ... still with the kids ... still alone:

How long can this keep going on?

Jake Gyllenhaal looks cute here:


Natalie Portman looks amazing in this photoshoot for W magazine:

That upsweep would look really bad on a lot of other people but I think she is pulling it off. Hot!

But this dress ... not even Sarah Michelle Gellar can make it work:

It's horideous! SMG ... no no no ... just ... no!

Mariah Carey's new album drops today:

It's not bad ... but it's not great ... she's got big boobs tho so at least she can rely on those.

Jessica Simpson just looks dumb sometimes:

... well, a lot of times ... and she's not looking very cute at all either.

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, looks cute in this picture:

I wore glasses like that all last summer ... I love it when celebrities bite my style. Holla!

Matthew McConaughey was in New York this past weekend too ... he went for a run in Central Park with Steve Zahn:

I don't run ... so I missed running into him ... nice butt tho.

Charlize Theron hates you:

See? I told you.

Ahhh mine eyes, mine eyes!

Helena Bonham Carter looks a right mess! She's a fright! YIKES!

Penelope Cruz peddles shampoo in Asia:

Which is a bit better than peddling shampoo in the US ... oh wait ... that was so not a rip on Ashlee Simpson ... I <3 Ashlee, y'all!

David Hasslehoff is old:

But he still thinks he's cool or something ... who wants to be the one to tell him that he's very, very wrong?

Revenge of the Legos:

I love 'em!

I came across THIS SITE created by a Detroit area guy who is trying to woo back his lady and I really took his story to heart:

I hope his girlfriend reads his site and realizes how much he loves her. I'm pullin' for these two ... I hope they get back together :)

Here's some news:
Tonight I'm seeing Kelly Clarkson at the State Theater ... I hope to be able to take pictures and stuff. I have to go out and get today's new releases (Garbage, American Hi-Fi) ... and relax. Things will be back to normal tomorrow ... XOXO