Thursday, April 14, 2005

C'mon (L'Uomo) Vogue!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the father of Britney Spears' first child:

Kevin Federline, L'Uomo Vogue coverboy. Pictures courtesy of Mark who I totally <3!

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!

You Gotta Take Responsibility Fo Yoself!

Well ... when you're pregnant you suffer through bouts of insane food cravings ... so I guess that Britney Spears has been pregnant for the past few years ... in any regard, she and Kevin Federline went out for ice cream last night:

Mmm, I could go for some Baskin Robbins myself right about now ... shit, I hope I'm not pregnant! Anyways, earlier this week Kevin went out for a round of golf:

I don't get his fascination with golf. Do you think he's trying to act all refined because now he has tons of money? The baggy shorts and cigarettes hanging from his mouth seem to belie that belief. Hmmm ... I wonder how Fetus Spears is doing today? Oh look, it posted a podcast HERE. LOL!

Daaaamn! Chris Klein ... got busted for drunk driving:

According to The Smoking Gun:

According to a Superior Court criminal complaint, Klein had a blood alcohol content of .20 or higher, which is more than twice the California limit of .08. We're guessing that Klein's February 5 collar was not originally reported since he was charged under his full name, Frederick Christopher Klein.

Whoops! Maybe he'll be hanging out with Joaquin Phoenix really soon.

Look who else got busted ... Mr. Anderson Cooper was photographed with a Who's Who of New York City's finest gays:

This awesome picture is courtesy of Proceed At Your Own Risk. Holla!

Did you watch America's Next Top Model last night? It was awesome ... Tyra Banks went PSYCHO at the elimination. She kicked off 2 girls and gave Tiffany a bitching out that was just ... AWESOME:

I watch the show off and on and managed to catch the last 10 minutes last night ... it was HILARIOUS! Tyra was going off like a crazy woman ... her head was swayin' from side to side, shit, I thought her head was going to fall off her neck! It was glorious!!! If you missed it you can catch the repeat this Friday night at 9PM. I may have to tape it myself.

Paris Hilton seems to have some sort of foot fungal issue going on:

I wonder if she's been visiting any public rest rooms barefoot ... oh wait, I'm getting my celebs all mixed up ... anyways ... have you heard that Paris is looking for a new sidekick to hang around with? It looks like she's already holding auditions:

This chick might make the cut since she's got huge fake boobs ... but she looks old. Or maybe it will be this chick:

Well, probably not ... she's kinda hag-looking ... but you know, maybe that's what Paris is looking for ... an ugly chick that won't steal her thunder. Stay tuned ... the new cohort should be chosen soon.

You have to admit, Kelly Osbourne is a risk-taker:

Unfortunately she often times looks foolish in the process. But you know, you gotta give it up to her for her fearless fashion. Even if sometimes I don't even know what to say ... like this Minnie Mouse-looking picture. Oi Vey!

Lindsay Lohan is dancin' in the streets:

Life must be pretty good for her ... well, except for that insane father of hers that tried to kill her and shit ... eh, she's fully loaded ... you go girl!

Destiny's Child is in Japan right now ... you would think they would have better things to do than hang out at McDonald's all day long:

Oh shit ... maybe Kelly and Michelle were picking up job applications?

Pamela Anderson has got huge boobs:

That is all.

Hilary Duff, with Haylie in tow, posed for some pictures recently:

It's nice of her to make sure her sister gets photographed. Hey! Maybe Haylie can be Paris' new sidekick thereby freeing up Hilary to not have to hang out with her sister! That would rule!

Here is a promo picture from the upcoming movie The Island ... you can clearly see the Fisher Building in the background:

Yay! It will very cool to see Detroit in this movie!

This past Sunday The WB aired the 150th episode of Charmed:

Julian McMahon returned reprising his role as Cole (the love of Phoebe's life) for the episode. I finally got to watch it ... ahhh, I still love that show even tho it's been really sucky lately.

The news:
I had so much fun last night. I got to hang with the illest Meg around. She took me out for dinner at P.F. Chang's (it was sooo delish) where we had the yummiest martinis EVER! Then we bummed around Birmingham and then watched at bit of TV at her place. We had a blast ... I'm so glad we got to hang and I hope we get to do it more often!

Lastly, I have to give props to my boy Shane:

Anyone who partakes in dance marathons is hella-cool in my book.

And .. I'm out.