Sunday, April 17, 2005

Terrible Children

Spederline, who are still vacationing in Florida, met up with (who I believe to be) Kevin Federline's grandparents:

I wonder where the group was flying to? Are they flying home? Are they flying to another vacation spot? Hmmm ...

Here is a scan of K-Fed's junior high school ID:

Wasn't he such a mack?

Can someone please tell me WHY IN HELL Ryan Seacrest is deserving of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?!?!?

What has he accomplished that makes him worthy?! Ridiculous!! He must give real good head or something ... man ...

What is up Paris Hilton with your alien eyes?

I know she's all made up for the movie that she's shooting but she looks so freaky.

Clay Aiken is so annoying ...

... and has become an undertaker it seems. As long as he quits singing I'm totally down with his new career.

Lindsay Lohan looks as if she was the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong:

Her lips look so full of collagen ... See ... this is what you get for trying to amplify your D.S.L.s ... I'm not even going to talk about her new hair. It's just too scary.

Hey y'all ... get ready for L. Lo 2.0 ... Ali Lohan is Lindsay's younger sister and, according to Page Six Six Six, is in talks to join the cast of Jamie-Lynn Spears' TV show Zoey 101:

I'm slightly disturbed that the next generation of teeny-boppers is already on the scene ... their older siblings are only in their early 20s ... Gawd, I'm starting to feel old at 24!

Nicky Hilton is hard at work peddling her Chick fashion line:

Have you seen her stuff?! Shit is ugly ... and expensive ... hmm, just like Nicky I suppose.

There is no way in hell that the girl in this picture is Ciara:

They either hired a body double or airbrushed her real looks out of existence. Ciara is a man ... this girl cannot be Ciara.

And finally, a reader sent me this picture:

I love it! Thanks for sending it Amy!

The news:
Les Enfants Terribles, the Dorkwave danceparty, was sooo much fun! It was a veritable Who's Who of the Detroit scene ... the music was extremely fun:

There was a lot of dancing and merriment to be had by everyone:

And I ran into a few peeps that I know:

But I managed to go home with the cutest boy there:

We had so much fun ... I can't wait for the next danceparty ... Woot! You can see all of the pictures I took HERE.

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Not sure what we're doing today ... I wouldn't mind if we did nothing at all ... that would be nice. And, I'm out.