Monday, April 18, 2005

More Terribles

The Dorkwave guys have uploaded 9 pages of pictures from the Les Enfants Terribles danceparty Saturday night, here are the pictures that I could find that had us (or cool peeps I know) in them:

I love how Uncle Grambo (second picture) always looks so happy all the time! Lord ... I should have final approval before any pictures of me get posted online. Enjoy!

I Scream & I Dos?

Here are some more pictures of the night Spederline went out for ice cream and had to borrow money from the paparazzi in order to pay for the ice cream:

I just like the middle picture so I wanted to use it. Here are some pictures from the day that Spederline went to the beach (one day after announcing to the world that they are expecting their first child together):

Not content to just relax, Britney thought it would be fun to throw around the football a little bit:

Looks like she's got a pretty good arm. Here is another Kevin Federline ID card from junior high school:

He looks so ridiculous ... but I really can't say a word ... if you saw my junior high pictures ... yeah ... let's move on shall we ...

Pacific Coast Academy is having a dance ... but you're going to need a ticket to get in:

I know the Thigh Master has moved on from Jamie-Lynn Spears to Fetus Spears with his obsessively strange love but ... maybe he can get one last dance with J-L Spears.

Ryan Phillipe, you know -- the single dude, went out for coffee alone:

[Image removed at owner's request]

What more can be said ... we just have to wait until the separation is announced. At least we can look at him in the meantime.

Here are the first pictures of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent in the new movie Superman Returns:

He looks good ... I'm on board with him as Superman so I'm excited for this movie. [pictures via]

Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis:

[Image removed at owner's request]

A match made in heaven. They're both kind of gross but for different reasons (he's gross in a fat way, she's gross in a skinny way). They're perfect for one another!

Paris Hilton wants you to stop being desperate:

She should take her own advice. And what is up with the old chick she's hangin' with?! Man, Kimberly Stewart looks about as old as her dad Rod Stewart. They've even got the same hair!

Nicole Richie recently got a new pooch:

And she also managed to pick up a copy of a gay porn magazine. Bel Ami magazine is an explicit gay porn mag ... I mean I don't blame her, gay porn is hot ... but I wonder what is up with that?

Rumor has it that Chad Michael Murray got married this past weekend:

So of course the newlyweds went out for coffee in celebration. I'm not sure that this rumor is true but I guess we'll find out soon enough.

There is another rumor that Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Garner this weekend at a birthday party that he threw for her:

I wonder if he will make it to the altar this time.

Shane West appears to be practicing for the inevitable day that he is arrested for drunk driving:

I think he's got the anger and pasty-faced look down for a perfect mug shot, don't you?

Sarah Jessica Parker took her son to the park for some play time:

Don't they look cute?

Brad Pitt is looking R-O-U-G-H these days:

I wonder if he's missing his wife Jennifer Aniston? More probably, Angelina Jolie is working him real hard.

Here are even more Tom Cruise fashion photos:

Oh Tommy boy ... lose the hat, it's been done to death.

The Bravery shot a new video for the song Fearless and here is a screen shot from it:

If you haven't seen their first video for the song An Honest Mistake check it out HERE. It's pretty damn cool. Sam Endicott, come back to Detroit ... I want to see you play!!!

Well look who's all grown up and legal now:

Prince William looks exactly like his mother! I can't believe he's almost 23 ... Boo! It's making me feel old at 24!

And now, the news:
Last night was nice and quiet. Erik and I had a delish dinner at Little Tree and then just chilled out at home. With all the running around I've been doing the past couple of weeks ... it was nice to do nothing again. I don't have anything planned for this week so it should be nice and relaxing. And that is all. Later!