Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Episode IV: A New Pope

They picked the next pope ... Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany becomes the 265th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He is now known as Pope Benedict XVI.

Hmmm ... I am very disturbed to learn this:

When Ratzinger turned 14 in 1941, he was required by law to join the Hitler Youth.

It goes on to say:

... [A]ccording to his biographer John Allen he was not an enthusiastic member ... In 1945 he was briefly held in an Allied POW camp, where he attended de-Nazification classes.

Towleroad smells a rat ...

Timmy Ray earlier posted some pictures of the likely candidates:

LOL! I was kinda hoping that they were gonna pick the last guy -- he looks pretty chill.

Never Forget

Britney Spears news has been quiet lately ... she hasn't been seen in public since she boarded her private jet in Florida:

A couple of people have already commented on this but check it out, stupid Kevin Federline is smoking in a car with his pregnant wife:

[Image removed at owner's request]

He's a moron ... but she's an idiot for letting him.

Anyways, chances are that she/they have gone into seclusion so that she can rest up and prepare for the coming months of pregnancy (hopefully she'll get him to STOP SMOKING AROUND HER). BUT, the spam is already starting ... I found this animated gif just last night:

It's cute! You'll probably come across it on webpages or in email. Hurray!!!


So, was 24 great last night or what? I think it's clear that the new President (the just-sworn in VP) is completely clueless. I'm starting to doubt my suspicions that he is somehow involved with Marwan and his terrorist plans. I love that Jack Bauer will stop at nothing, going so far as to disobey the President of the United States, to do whatever it takes to get the information that he needs:

Shoot, you just knew that he was going to break as many of that guy's fingers as he needed to to get the information he wanted out of him. And what about the previews from next week?! Was that President Palmer that we saw?!? They are bringing EVERYONE back for this season ... and I loves it!

Incidentally, you can call Jack Bauer's cellphone (310-597-3781) and say Hello!

Kelly Clarkson looks great in this month's issue of Texas Monthly:

It's clear that she loves her home state ... Whatevs, I can't hold that against her.

Lynda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez's older sister, is not lookin' too hot these days:

And that face that she's making ... well, it really speaks for itself, don't it?

David Beckham, having missed wife Victoria's birthday, decided to make it up to her by buying her jewelry:

And then he decided to buy himself a hooker ... WTF was Posh thinking putting on that outfit?! She looks like Xtina Aguilera ... EW!

Anna Nicole likes to Ho Down:

[Image removed at owner's request]

... cuz she's just a down-home Ho. Sorry, I did my best to make that joke work.

Well, it seems the rumors were true:

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were married this past weekend. They look cute together ... but aren't they awfully young? What is with all these young marriages ..?

Jennifer Love Hewitt should not be allowed to dress herself anymore:

That dress is enormous ... you could hide anything in that dress ... Hmmm, I wonder if she borrowed it from Winona Ryder to go "shopping" with? I hope she used that dress for shoplifting because if she thought it looked good then ... I'm done with her.

Pamela Anderson may be many things ... and being a good mom is definitely one of them:

I love her devotion to her son's baseball games. It's cute ... that's a good mom.

Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he's channeling Justin Timberlake in his hoodie:

I prefer Jake to Justin so ... it's all good.

Johnny Depp is loved by many people:

[Image removed at owner's request]

But I don't see the appeal. I'm sure he has many fans who read Pink so for you all ... here you go.

I love when skeletons fall out of the closet ... my new fave "indie" frontman Sam Endicott was not always the indie cutie that he is now:

Click image for full size

I love that his former band was called Skabba the Hut but I hate his gross looking dreadlocks! He looks so much better now ...

Here is another picture from the set of Superman Returns:

Thus far Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane looks ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and why does James Marsden always look like an asshole? I've only liked him as Cyclops in the X-Men movies ... he's good at playing the jerk though.

Awww, aren't Hilary Duff and Joel Madden so cute together?

I think they make a great match ... I love that they always have the dog with them. Cute!

Who knew Nicole Richie was spiritual?

I kinda think that tattoo on her foot looks kinda trashy ... but, she's a bazillionaire so I guess it don't matter what I think.

Here are some pictures of Lo from MTV's Laguna Beach, she really likes lots of boys:

And the Laguna boys really like beer ... I cannot wait for the second season to start airing ...

And finally ... here is what Michelle Tractenburg (ex-Dawn on Buffy) might look like as a vampire:

I am not responsible for this fan art, it was posted on Buffy.nu but I wanted to share nonetheless.

And now, let's do the news:
Last night was nice and quiet ... just like I wanted it to be. I'm looking forward to a quiet week ... and maybe a new toy (mostly because I want THIS game) ... and I'm out.