Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Are All Made Of Stars

Spederline is in seclusion ... we await their resurfacing ... in the meantime ... can we talk about how fucking crazy Lil' Kim has become:

What the bloody hell is wrong with her?! She looks like an ugly man dressing up as an ugly woman! How in the hell can she think that she looks good?! I am so not down with her Homey the Clown look ... someone stage an intervention ... PLEASE!

Not quite as bad, but just as scary, is Taylor Hanson and his mullet:

Goddamn ... that's a hairdo that even k.d. Lang wouldn't wear! It's frighteningly horrid ... and it looks greasy too.

But I think the scariest news of the day is the fact that Ryan Seacrest actually got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Hollywood giants Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly and Bob Hope are probably turning in their graves ... not to mention current Walk of Famers The Olsen Twins, Paula Abdul, and Our Lady Britney Spears ... they must be horrified to be associated with the likes of Seacrest. It's a dark day for Hollywood, indeed.

David Beckham is a cute DILF:

He took little Romeo with him to Soccer practice and took little Brooklyn to school. Victoria, no doubt, was at home not eating or out shopping for hideous clothes. But awww -- aren't the boys so cute?

This picture is for Sarah, who I know is a huge Mariah Carey fan:

Her hair is so bad ... poodle hair never looks good on anyone ... not even poodles. All she needs are those little barrettes (you know what I'm talking about, don't you Sarah?) and she'll be all good to go.

So House of Wax hits theaters in a couple of weeks, here are some promo pix from the movie:

LOL ... Paris Hilton's eyes are so jacked up ... she oftentimes looks so freaky. But whatevs, the movie looks good ... I can't wait to see it:

Click image for larger size

It looks like a cast of hotties, don't cha think?

Eva Longoria, the new It girl, wants to pick up where Jennifer Aniston left off:

I think the shirt is a little tacky ... but I wore a Paris Made Me Change My Number t-shirt so I guess I can't really complain.

Here are some pictures of Natalie Imbruglia and hubby Daniel Johns:

With a hat he looks like a hot Kevin Federline, without the hat he looks like a tall Chris Martin. In either case he looks 10 million times better than he did when his band, Silverchair, was popular here in the US.

Johnny Depp is a maven of style:

The outfit would be kind of gay if it weren't quite so ugly.

Debra Messing's little boy is getting so big:

They look so cute together.

Mandy Moore looks hot in this picture from Glamour UK:

I hope she's not still with Zach Braff ... he's a tool and not good enough for her.

Jim Carrey looks serene as we walks along the beach:

He also looks old ... I wonder what he's up to these days.

And finally, click HERE to find a catalog of Got Milk? ads like these:

Personally, I hate milk but they've gotten some cool peeps to appear in their ads.

And now, the news:
I got to hang out Kirsten last night and we had a great dinner at Xochimilco and we each drank a lot of margarita ... and it was goooood! She rules, y'all! She's a great friend to have.

We got back to my house and Erik was watching Showdogs Moms & Dads on Bravo ... now I do my best to stay away from stuff like this because I tend to like those kinds of shows and end up watching them all the time ... but seriously, the gay couple, Brandon & Ryan, on the show ... I about died:

Their little dog, Liberace, broke its foot and they had to take him in for surgery ... seeing those 2 crying over the dog was so cute and so funny ... Showdog people are kinda crazy.

Gawd, is it the weekend yet? I need it to be Friday. Boo!

I'm out.