Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Cat Finally Got Out Of The Bag

Hmmm ... it seems that Brad Pitt is finally going to have that child that he's always wanted:

Here we have Brad and Angelina Jolie playing on a beach with her son Maddox. It was only a matter of time before this "secret" got out.

So it seems that Mary-Kate Olsen was mortified to hear what her sister wore out in public:

We all know that M-K is a fan of bundling up and hiding her bizznazz under tons of layers of clothes ... I wonder if she will ever get to the point where she'd show off her boobage?

Ashley Olsen, IMHO, looked great the other night ... the same cannot be said for her new boyfriend:

I'm sure he's rich and everything ... but he looks 55! She could do way much better.

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie stepped out the other night:

And they looked outright emaciated! Lindsay looks chubby next to Nicole ... and Lindsay is already getting way too skinny. I really hope they eat better ... or more ... they are really thinning out.

Aww ... newly engaged Nicole Richie and Adam Goldstein were all smoochy recently:

Which is good because she better hold on to her man ... you never know what vulture might swoop in and go for the kill ...

... Oh look at that, Tara Reid ran into Adam Goldstein the other night:

Tara Reid is an utter mess ... she cannot be trusted around the male species ... at all.

Hey look, Paris Hilton has starting going out with her mom:

I realize that there aren't many suitable candidates to be Paris Hilton's sidekick but I really think she needs to keep looking ... Kimberly Stewart is NOT HOT.

David Beckham is such a great dad:

Is it wrong that Brooklyn looks like he weighs more than his mother Victoria? Yeah, it is.

Ryan Cabrera has started stepping out with his new chick:

She's like a Miss America or Miss USA or Miss Something ... she's pretty, I guess.

Chad Michael Murray and new wife Sophia Bush looked so happy on the red carpet of the House of Wax premiere:

Maybe they will be the young Hollywood couple that will last ... maybe.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale look cute:

I wonder if they'll ever make babies.

Here is the cover artwork for the new White Stripes album Get Behind Me Satan:

I love how it doesn't look like every other White Stripes album cover.

We got our first look at the new Superman costume yesterday ... and today we get our first look at Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne shirtless:

Woot! He looks ... hot! I can't wait for Batman Begins!

And finally, here is a picture of Michael Chiklis in the Fantastic Four movie as The Thing:

He looks like he's made of Nerf. It should be a cool movie nonetheless ... bring on more pictures of Chris Evans as the Human Torch ...shirtless!

The news:
Last night was so fun. The Megster came over for dinner (Thai) and bootleg, jacked up Jade martinis ... it was so fun. Our melon balls were so yummy ... I was the melon baller if you must know.

Broke-ass Ho weekend continues ... more later.