Sunday, May 01, 2005


I apologize for how late in the day this post is ... I am still hungover like a mothereffer from last night's festivities ... no puking so I'm happy! Let's get to it ...

Well, there was a lot of hoopla over Britney Spears' decision to dye her hair while pregnant ... and here is the result:

At first it looked like she went darker but she did, in fact, go lighter:

It looks cute! There are a lot of new Spederline pictures ... which I will have for y'all tomorrow.

Paris Hilton has been looking really scary lately ... here she is signing an autograph:

And here she is ready to bite into someone's neck ... EEK!

Lindsay Lohan is getting her patented poses down but ...

Will you please look at her terrifying hands?! OMG they look terrible! Someone needs to tone down the tanning ... she is cooking her hands or something. Yikes!

Hey look, Avril Lavigne out on the town:

And drunk again ... kids these days ... sheesh ...

Jesse Metcalfe was photographed for the new issue of Flaunt magazine:

You must head over to to check out all the pictures from this photoshoot.

Shanna Moakler is a hot mama:

I love when women do housework in their underwear. It's how I do housework too!

Hey Olsens ...

Was it windy much?

Jay-Z likes to swing:

First with Beyoncé and then with Ludacris. That's hot!

Who knew ... Wade Robeson has a girlfriend:

She's cute too ... good for him.

And finally ... here is Jennifer Love Hewitt out shopping:

You know, she would get a lot more attention if she dated an older dude ... I think Keanu Reeves is single.

The news:
The party was OVER THE TOP times Infinity ... words cannot express the night's festivities ... so I'll let the pictures do the talking:

You can see all 143 of the pictures HERE.

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I need to go not throw up on the floor. Have a great Sunday, y'all!