Monday, May 02, 2005

Desert Rose

It has been a busy past few days for our dearest Spederline ... after whipping up a bit of a maelstrom by highlighting her hair, Britney Spears decided it was time to hang out with rat-husband Kevin Federline:

They felt it was time to class-up the streets of Arizona with their particular brand of style! Britney also spent time with her friend (actually, it looks like she's hanging with her cousin) doing some shopping:

And taking Bit Bit out for some of the desert sun:

After a long day of ... well, doing whatever it is that they do ... Spederline stayed "home" to do some maxin' and relaxin':

They must really like the desert because they spent yesterday touring a home that they might buy:

Hmmm ... didn't they just buy a condo in Las Vegas? Will they add another desert home to their collection? Britney paid for all their other homes, maybe Kevin is going to foot the bill for this one ... I hear his Starbucks delivering service is really taking off:

Some people were just born to shine! What new and exciting misadventures can we expect from our dear Spederline in the coming days, weeks and months? Stay tuned and we'll find out together ...

So the movie House of Wax had its 45th premiere this weekend, this time in New York City:

All the usual suspects were on hand ... with all the premieres this movie's had already you'd think it was some sort of Gone With The Wind-like masterpiece.

Matthew McConaughey believes in good dental hygiene:

What a ham ... you know he loves going out in public with as little clothing on as possible.

Does Jesse Metcalfe strike you as the perfect Ken-doll type? He is always so primped and manicured ...

Whether he's just going "casual" or all gussied up for a photoshoot he is always so ... perfect. I wonder if he has genitalia? If someone has a picture I'd be happy to check it out.

Jake Gyllenhaal is becoming quite the little pin-up these days ... let's look at his latest photoshoot:

Hmmm ... he seems more real to me ... not so manicured ... I definitely approve.

Jennifer Lopez and her sister Lynda were out and about in New York City this weekend:

What is with the facial expressions that Lynda makes? Does she ever take a good picture?

Have you heard ... Hilary Duff was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People:

Click above for full size image

I couldn't agree more! She is so cute ...

And finally, check out this really pretty picture of Ciara:

I would love to get my hands on the magic wand that they used to get her to look this good.

And now, the news:
I didn't do a damn thing yesterday ... I was hungover pretty bad for most of the day. It was one of those don't really feel like showering or getting off the couch because it just hurts to be awake but you feel too ill to sleep kind of days.

It's May ... my last full month of work before the school year is over. I cannot wait to leave this job ... forever! But first, I have to get through May ... I'm out.