Friday, May 06, 2005

Wax Wings

Spederline was out and about yesterday with K-Fed's daughter Kori:

I don't really think that Britney should be carrying her like that ... she looks pretty heavy ... you know, for a kid ... but if Britney can dye her hair, let Kevin smoke around her, chug caffeine and eat sushi ... well ... I guess she can carry around heavy objects. All she needs is a new cat and she will have hit all the "pregnancy no-no's".

Michael Jackson's defense is underway ... here comes the cavalcade of celebrity witnesses that are set to take the stand and testify on behalf of MJ ... first up, Wade Robeson:

The dancer/choreographer showed up with his woman in tow ... it is my understanding that Wade testified that nothing inappropriate happened between him and Michael Jackson ... Hmmm ... according to Rolling Stone:

"[N]othing happened." They watched movies, played video games and had pillow fights, he stated, but Jackson never touched him sexually.

Hello! That's weird!!!

Disneyland is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary ... and they have already got the party started:

Xtina Aguilera is extremely annoying ... and she looks like she's in pain. I have 4 words for Miss Thang -- Ka-o-pec-tate.

Also on hand for the Disney celebration was tween heart-throb Jesse McCartney and former throb Sean Astin:

Wow ... Sean Astin looks almost as big as Toby McGuire! He's effing huge!

Ah, Paris Hilton ... that girl flashes her business every time the wind blows:

Literally ... at least we can be happy that she was wearing underwear! Whatever ... I'm pissed off at Paris ... the beyotch doesn't even read blogs:

Q: Do you read blogs?

HILTON: What's that?

Q: Um, they're these things on the Internet where people write about news and stuff.

HILTON: No, I don't really read anything on the Internet except my AOL mail. I don't like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don't know anything about.

That BITCH! I can't wait to see her get sliced in her new movie!

Jessica Simpson looks gross in these pictures:

Her make-up is frightening and that dress is ugly ... her boobs looks really wrong. I wonder if she's preoccupied with other stuff on her mind ...

Like maybe the new chick that her husband, Nick Lachey, has been spending a lot of time with while he's away in Sweden:

This is the woman that Nick is allegedly "seeing" while he is overseas recording his new album. She looks a lot like Aimee Man ... but those Swedes do tend to look similar. Jessica is way prettier but a man's got needs they say -- when in Rome, I mean Sweden ... do the Swedens.

Jessica Alba looks great in pink:

Her hair still looks stupid but I like the blouse.

Tara Reid and Tommy Lee were spotted together ...

They make such a gross couple! Perfect for one another.

FINALLY ... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are starting to get used to being photographed together:

LOL! They should set up the wax figure of Jennifer Aniston standing behind them holding a knife. That would be pretty cool.

Here is the real Angelina Jolie in Pakistan [thanks Sara]:

She looks great ... I pick on her a lot cuz that's what I do but I do commend her for the charity work she does all over the world. You go Angie!

Kelly Clarkson made a new video:

Wow ... that woman really suffers for her art.

Eva Longoria heard that all the "it" celebs are photographed at basketball games so she decided to give it a try:

Doesn't she look really into the game? You know she cheered like crazy every time they scored a touchdown.

Liz Phair is back, y'all!

She recorded part of her new album (due out this September) at Klown Records in LA ... You can download snippets of her new songs HERE. [via Ken @ Mesmerizing]

Michelle Trachtenberg has got major bling, yo!

Not really ... I think her ring is kinda ugly ... but I still like her.

And finally, House of Wax opens today:

Make sure you all go out and see it ... Here is the #1 reason why you should go see this movie:

Les news:
Yesterday was fun ... but all the running around and driving that I've been doing is really taking its toll. I really don't want to do much tonight ... I think I'll just see a movie or stay home. Tomorrow we are trekking out to East Lansing to see Jake before he leaves us for North Carolina ... I think I will pick him up a going-away present:

I know he'll love it! I'm out.