Saturday, May 07, 2005

Waxy Build-up

Britney Spears is getting into full-time mom mode ... just in time for Mother's Day:

These pictures of Britney playing with Kori are so cute! Britney even looks semi-decent (at least she's no longer wearing that sheet that she's been really fond of lately ... tho she is back to wearing those super short shorts). You can tell that Brit really cares for little Kori ... um, the same can't really be said for her father Kevin the rat Federline:

He hardly takes his eyes off his cell phone. I'm sure he loves his daughter (I hope he does, at least) but c'mon dude ... put the phone away and play with your daughter when she wants to play with you.

OI! Here are more pictures of Ashlee Simpson's new haircut:

I don't like the cut and I really hate the color! She's still my girl but I just can't endorse this new look right now. Maybe it'll grow on me but for right now ... I have to declare it a major poop-sandwich.

Ashlee was on hand for the unveiling party for the XboX 2 along with other celebs:

Ryan Cabrera's hair is way over-the-top (but at least he's consistent), Elijah Wood looks pretty standard too ... Brandon Flowers looks terrible! Unkept and messy can be really cute ... he does not look cute in this picture. He looks old actually. Someone should have powdered his nose ... well, his whole face cuz the shiny look does nothing for him.

Jessica Alba's new bad haircut has not kept the men away:

Here she is making out with her boyfriend Cash Warren. He looks a bit old for her ... looks worn in the face too ... but good for her -- she looks happy. Memo to Jessica: Grow your hair out! Thanks.

Here is a new picture of Ashley (or is it Mary-Kate, I'm never sure) Olsen:

The Olsens are also very consistent ... they have a look and style that they love to sport. I'm not a fan but she doesn't look too bad in these pics.

Pink was out mini-golfing with her boyfriend Carey Hart:

She is not a pretty girl ... but she looks like a pretty good golfer.

Here are some screencaps from Garbage's new video for Bleed Like Me:

Shirley Manson always looks so great! I love the nurse thing she's got going on.

Parker Posey has ditched the tight curls for a more blown-out soccer mom feel:

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet ... it makes her look old. But I love Parker and I can forgive her practically everything!

Liev Shreiber and Naomi Watts were spotted together in NYC:

What exactly is going on with these 2? Hmm ....

Here is a picture of Xtina Aguilera and her little brother Mikey:

I am posting this picture only because I'm sure we'll find out that he wants to be a pop star/movie star/TV star/reality star one day. You heard it here first.

And finally, have you heard the story about the woman who swears that Jesus appeared in the ultrasound picture of her fetus? Here are the pictures:

The woman is from Toledo, Ohio (which explains a lot) and already gave birth to the baby ... named Aaliyah. Jesus and Mary have been seen a lot lately ... geeze, does EVERYBODY want to be on TV?

The news:
Last night I did, indeed, go to see House of Wax and I have to tell you, in all honesty, it was a totally kick-ass horror movie:

I really wasn't expecting much ... I figured it'd be a fluff film for Paris Hilton to fool around in ... It was damn scary! There are a lot of slasher aspects and really gruesome death scenes (yes, the audience did applaud when Paris Hilton's character died). I liked the story ... it was a bit far-fetched but it's a horror movie ... what do you expect. I promise, you'll like the film. Even the Thigh Master gave it a good review ... so what more do you need?

Tonight is Jake's going-away party ... We'll be in East Lansing tonight but we are also coming back home tonight. Woot! I'm sure I'll have pix to share. Later.