Monday, May 09, 2005

Pony Up

If Britney Spears lives by one credo it must be keep it simple:

I do not mind the pony tail so long as she doesn't hold it together using a scrunchie. But that's just Britney, keepin' it real:

Keepin' it real, y'all.

Kingdom Come

Britney Spears was out this weekend tooling around town in her purple BMW:

I love how she dresses all fancy to go driving in her sweet little car. I am getting used to the wife-beater and sweat pants ... and her unkept hair ... oh man ... I'm getting used to the whole look! What is wrong with me?! I guess it's true -- love is blind. It might be time for me to seek out therapy.

Anyways, check out this really cute picture of Kori, daughter of K-Fed:

She is really getting cuter and cuter each day. She looked so happy to be playing with Britney the other day ...

Here are a lot of outtakes of Kevin Federline from his L'Uomo Vogue photoshoot:

And my personal faves, the g-thuggin' shots:

What a tool ... he tries to look all hardcore and gangsta but all he does is manage to look more foolish. I can't WAIT until his album drops ... I bet Britney Mona Lisa will direct his first video. I.Can't.WAIT!

Moving on ... check out Hilary Duff with her really cute pink boots:

These boots are hot. They are much cooler than the ones that Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson (and even Britney) wear. Hilary is so cool!

It is just now being reported that Jennifer Garner is pregnant (when we've really known for a while now) and here she is going out for a walk:

She still looks active ... at 3 months pregnant she should be able to stay active for a while. Blah! Do we think that Bennifer 2.0 will get married before she gives birth?

Jake Gyllenhaal was out having coffee with some chick:

She looks a little beat up but maybe it's just her hair ... The smoking is very unattractive but I can forgive Jake his little vices.

This weekend was great for shopping, Paris and Nicky Hilton picked up a few things as did Lindsay Lohan:

Can we PLEASE talk about Lindsay's new friend. What the shit is going on with this dude?! Seriously ... his hair is the most ridiculous thing I think I've ever seen ... and I've seen some ridiculous shit, y'all! Something tells me that the look is intentional ... I really hope he stays friends with Lindsay because I will to see more pictures of this dude. LOL!!!

Damn ... I still can't get over that guy's hair but I'll try to move on ... Paris thought it would be cute to dress her little Bambi up as a bumble bee for Mother's Day:

She was right ... he looks so cute! If I had a chihuahua I would dress it up as a little lady bug ... and just like that I've reached maximum gayage. Sorry.

Mariah Carey was needin' some Jesus so she decided to visit a church in Harlem, NY to get some religion:

Maybe she went to church to get a little attention too? Well, if she really wanted to get attention she should have worn this outfit:

White is always great for church.

Aww ... Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee reunited for one of their son's baseball games:

It's nice that they can stay friendly for their children ... they may be whacked out celebrities but you know they love their kids.

Xtina Aguilera just couldn't wait any longer:

When she wants to swap spit she's gonna swap spit right then and there. That's love, y'all ... and it's GROSS!!!

Michelle Trachtenberg and Shawn Ashmore make such a cute couple:

I really like Dawn and Ice Man together ... they really look great together.

Jessica Simpson has funny legs:

She looks like hubby Nick Lachey broke her ... and then took off for Sweden to break someone else.

Angelina Jolie is a funny gal:

Actually, I don't think Maddox's t-shirt is that funny ... what do you think?

Tori Spelling has come a long way from her Donna Martin days on Beverly Hills 90210:

Has she aged like 35 years since the show went off the air? What is with that canyon of clevage? Her plastic surgery is really beginning to show ... a lot! [via ONTD!]

Here are pictures of Prince Charles dropping off Prince Harry at the military academy:

I can't wait until we get to see Harry in his military uniform.

Here is a picture of Johnny Knoxville and his wife:

Ain't she a beaut? You can tell she ain't used to being photographed ... either that or she's just usually a mess.

And finally, N*Sync are all reunited and stuff:

Everyone is jumping on the House of Wax bandwagon.

And now, the news:
I did nothing yesterday and I would really like to do nothing all week long. Work is winding down for the year and I have a lot of things I need to figure out before too long. I'm really hoping that I will be able to get out to LA for a few days before I have to get serious about work again. There is so much going on that I'm having hard time focusing on things ... so I'm not really in the right frame of mind to start planning a trip. But I'm going to have to start planning soon if I'm gonna get to Cali next month.

We're getting our DVR service set up tomorrow ... so now I'll have tons of TV to start watching. Ah ... summer is quickly approaching. I'm out.