Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kiss? And Sell

Spederline news has been very quiet lately ... too quiet ... I think I'm going into withdrawal ... here are some pictures of the happy family (including Kori) going out for dinner at Houston's:

It's nice to see that Britney is really taking to Kori ... too bad she cut the little girl out of her will. Yeah ... I told you that news has been quiet.


Lost last night was very interesting ... I was very happy to see Mackenzie Astin was the guest star ... but you knew he wasn't going to live long considering he was part of Kate's past:

We now know where that toy plane came from that Kate cherishes so much ... it was buried in a New Kids on the Block lunchbox/time capsule on August 15, 1989 ... August 15th = 815 = the flight number of the Oceanic plane that crashed on the island. The weirdness between Kate and her mother will probably be more developed later on. The creepy kid is really creepy ... why doesn't he want them to open the hatch? He wants to make sure he gets his ass off that island (on the raft) before the hatch is opened ... I can't wait! Everything is so mysterious and it's getting more complicated each episode ... there are only 2 more episodes left ... how the hell is this first season going to end?!?

The big story from yesterday afternoon was all about how Cameron Diaz supposedly kissed a producer of her MTV show Trippin' and therefore "cheated" on Justin Timberlake ... The National Enquirer is really trying to give this story legs:

The pictures they are using are totally ridiculous. At best they are hugging. My very good friend Jeff (who has worked on the MTV shows The Osbournes and The Newlyweds) knows the guy in the pictures, Shane Nickerson, and tells me that this story is complete bullshit. Shane recounts how this stupid story has wreaked havoc on his life in THIS ENTRY on his blog. It totally sucks that he and his wife have to go through all this crap because of a lame story. HELLO of course it's not true ... would you want to make out with Zitty McPussbags Diaz?! Can you imagine kissing her acne scars?! Yeah, I didn't think so.

Well, well, well ... what do we have here ... Ashlee Simpson hanging out with Wilmer Valderrama:

I really think that Wilmer is incapable of having sex with anyone who hasn't been on the cover of Teen People magazine. Well ... we'll be watching to see if they are turning out to be more than just friends.

Lindsay Lohan is about done with her transformation into her childhood idol:

She should reach her goal in no time. [via JJB]

Christian Bale, as you are well aware, is set to become the next Batman this summer .... here is a really great picture of him from Newsweek magazine:

I think he is the hottest Batman/Bruce Wayne yet ... I have high hopes for Batman Begins.

Hayden Christenson is the most cracked out Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker yet ...

These pictures are from an old Interview magazine shoot that I haven't seen ... he looks totally tweaked out ...

There are reports that Heidi Klum and Seal got married in Mexico yesterday, here is their wedding picture:

I love how they opted for the understated, simple look for their wedding attire. Here's to the happy couple ... best of luck for a long and happy marriage.

Jessica Biel really loves her dog:

It seems like lately, she won't do a photoshoot without the dog ... hey, if it gets you press I say go for it.

Here is a picture of Paris Hilton holding the French version of her book Confessions of an Heiress:

Doesn't she look très élégant? I love how much she loves the color pink, here is a picture from last week (while she was still in LA) in a hot pink track suit:

Tinkerbell is so not cute anymore ... she needs to retire that old dog and only carry around her new dog Bambi.

Um ... can someone tell me how Tweety Bird went from trailer park trash to Hollywood chic overnight?

Kitson unveiled it's "exclusive" Tweety fashion line and the Hollywood It girls lined up for the opening. The only people I ever see wearing Tweety Bird (or any Looney Tunes characters like Taz or Marvin the Martian) clothing are overweight white-trashy folks -- am I right here? What gives? If this is the future of "what's cool" then all I have to say is Badee, Badee, Badee ... That's All, Folks!

Mischa Barton is one sexy beyotch:

What a hottie! [via Perez]

DC Comics have unveiled their new logo:

I think it's pretty ok ... not too flashy, but updated from the old logo. I don't care what anyone else says, I think it's cool. [via Thighs]

And finally, bringing it back to the Batman vibe, here are some new Batman Begins posters that give you a better look at the new suit:

Expect to see these hanging in the finest bedrooms around ... the ones getting the most sex.

I got to hang out with Sarah last night for the first time in a long time. We just watched TV and drank Mojitos ... it was very fun. Tonight Erik and I are going to the College for Creative Studies graduation to see Sam and Rachel graduate. It should be very cool ... thier artwork will be on display and hopefully we'll find a piece or 2 to purchase.

DVR is my new best friend ... I already have a couple hours of TV saved and ready for watching (Subterranean on MTV2 and The Alternative on VH-1 Classic). Woot! Later.