Monday, May 16, 2005

Perfect 10

We are T-Minus one day away from the debut of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic ... here are some preview screencaps from the series:

If you head over to the series website you will be able to submit a question to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, just like I did:

Hee hee, I couldn't ask the questions I really wanted to ask (Britney, what the crap is wrong with you?! or Britney, at what point did you completely lose your mind?) because it prolly wouldn't get answered ... submit your questions now and see if you get a response.

In other Spederline news, Kevvy was smiling like crazy as he went out for gas:

You just know his lot in life was to pump gas professionally ... ahh, the bitter irony. Some guys have all the luck and some guys have no luck at all ... click HERE to see a full page scan of the In Touch magazine interview of Jason Alexander. It's a great read!


Yay! I am so glad that Tom won the million dollars on Survivor: Palau last night:

He was my pick from the very beginning of the show (it was a pretty safe bet to pick the hot daddy fireman). Even though I said that I thought Ian was going to win, I really wanted Tom to win (I figured that Tom might lose one immunity challenge and then Ian and the chicks would get rid of Tom as fast as they could). I get that Ian tried to be all noble by bowing out so that Katie had a chance at the million bucks but she was so worthless ... there was no way in hell she was ever going to win. She did nothing, contributed nothing and tried to argue that she deserved to win because she "played the game" skillfully by getting carried along the way by stronger players. She sucked monkey balls! Tom dominated the whole way thru and really, really deserved to win! Woot!

Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan also performed at the Wango Tango concert on Saturday in LA ... Kelly looked great, Lindsay looked ... well, you be the judge:

Does she not look totally cracked out in that backstage photo?! Hey Linds, Courtney Love called and she wants her crackwhore-look back.

Jake Gyllenhaal, like most celebs, has a Sidekick:

I, like those celebs, need to upgrade to a Sidekick as well.

Check out this awesome photoshoot of Ashlee Simpson:

Look at her clothes, look at her lovely dark hair ... look at her heaving bosom!!! Ash, you need to go back to this look ... it's hot! You can see the rest of the photos from this shoot HERE. [via]

Speaking of hot photo shoots, here we have the lovely Miss Hilary Duff:

She always looks cute ... I love pictures of her ... especially when Haylie Duff isn't horning in on the photo. Check out the rest of the pictures from this shoot HERE. [via]

Here are a couple of pictures of Kelly Osbourne with her super cute pink dog:

Poor Kelly has been getting a lot of heat from PETA -- they are urging her to treat her dog like a pet and not a fashion accessory. It's pretty sad that they are targeting her over this considering how much time and money Kelly Osbourne has donated to PETA. The dog was dyed with harmless food coloring ... and it looks really cute. Pink is the new pooch!!

Oprah Winfrey threw a Legend's Ball in honor of people she considers "legendary" ... mainly because she is rich enough to do so:

The celebration honored "25 legendary black women for their contributions to the arts, entertainment and civil rights" ... that's right, 25 black women and TOMKAT??? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes look like they fit right in ... don't they? And people think that their new relationship is just a PR stunt.

Did you know that Paris Hilton is the hot spokeswoman for Hollywood Prescriptions?

You might be wondering what this lip serum can do for you ... well here are some benefits of The Hollywood Prescription:
  • Enhances your natural lip color by stimulating blood circulation to the area.
  • Increases the size of your lips in as little as 30 days.
  • Visibly reduces unattractive wrinkles and fine lines in your lips.
  • Protects your lips from damaging UV rays and free-radical damage.
  • Naturally stimulates collagen production in your lips.
What are you waiting for ... place your order NOW.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are really fond of the PDA:

It won't be long until we see pictures of them walking side by side each with their hand in the other's back pocket. Awww ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar has gone to the darkside:

She looks great with this dark brown hair color ... it's very reminiscent of her role as Kathryn Merteuil in the trashy-wonderful movie Cruel Intentions. Freddie Prinze, Jr. just looks unshaven ... I can't believe that she would let him out in public like that. Appalling!!!

Here is a really cute picture from the issue of Vanity Fair with Angelina Jolie on the cover:

They are so cute ... all that is missing is a certain someone to complete the family portrait.

The Backstreet Boys are back ... and they are all grown up:

They really need to lighten up on the make-up ... all that foundation doesn't make them look youthful as much as it makes them look transgendered. They also should stop doing the "boy" poses ... Act like men, dudes, it'll work better for your image.

Hey, what is making Jonathan Rhys Meyers look so freaked out?

It must be these pictures of He-Man and She-Ra:

Erik and I watched 6 episodes of She-Ra: The Princess of Power yesterday and he got inspired to look up pictures from the cartoon online. He stumbled upon these pictures and I just had to share them with you (click HERE to see all of the pictures). I think you know what Erik and I are going to be for Halloween this year ...

And finally, I was very shocked but happy to learn that The New York Post highlighted Pink is the new Blog in the Sunday edition of their newspaper:

Click image above to see the full size page

The shout-out is in the Pulse section of the Sunday edition, you can see the online version HERE. I can't believe that The New York Post would even know about my blog. I think this is pretty damn cool. I have to thank Malatron for letting me know about this early Sunday morning and I have to thank the Thigh Master for providing the scan.

Let's do the news:
Erik and I spent the first part of the day watching the She-Ra DVD as I mentioned above. The DVD that I purchased only had 6 episodes on it but one of the episodes was a He-Man crossover episode. After we finished with the DVD we had a great sushi dinner and then came home for a relaxing night in.

I am about 2 1/2 weeks away from summer vacation and I can hardly contain myself ... Summer plans are beginning to take shape: It looks like we will be visiting LA at the end of June, we will be playing on the Kickball team again this summer ... and I have a lot of DVRing to do and watch. I can't wait!

PS: Are we My Space friends yet? Whatchu waitin' for?