Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Duh, It's Faux!

Someone got a haircut, y'all:

I like rockin' the fauxhawk ... thoughts, comments?

I'm off to meet up with the gang for some Sithin' ... Later!

Riddle Me This

Which actor who played one of the most famous characters in Batman's Rogue's Gallery of Villains just passed away?

Peace the Spork Out Frank Gorshin ... he played The Riddler on the 60's TV series Batman.

I loved him on that show ... he is the quintessential Riddler of all time. He will be missed.

"I Think Pink Is Really Cool"

So I got to watch Britney Spears and Kevin Federline on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday afternoon (a few hours after many of you on the east coast got to see it earlier yesterday). Personally, I didn't think it was that terrible or boring:

The only thing I kept thinking was how immature Britney really is. She keeps making faces and seems uncomfortable doing simple things like talking or answering questions. I don't blame her at all though ... she has been working, in the public eye since she was like 14 years old. She spent years being told what to do and did exactly as she was told. It seems that only recently is she able to do things on her own ... and you can tell that she's not as polished as she used to be. That said, I still find her endearing. The pimped out baby carriage was really cool. If she names her baby Double, Double or Tabloid I would absolutely die! LOL! You can download the entire Ellen appearance HERE or HERE.

Then it was time for the main event: OMG ... where do I begin ... Britney & Kevin: Chaotic was so much better than I thought it would be. Call me crazy but I really liked a lot of the moments when it was just Britney and her camera. She was zoomed in WAY TOO MUCH on her face for WAY TOO LONG but I can overlook that little problem (I'll probably take a Dramamine pill for the next episode, the shakey camera stuff was a bit unnerving).

Was anyone at all surprised that Kevin thinks Eminem is "a genius"? I loved it when Britney said she wanted to marry Brad Pitt ... I actually laughed out loud on that one. Here are my fave quotes from each of them:

Kevin: Love is love.

Kevin: I don't believe in marriage.

Britney: Let's just fuck all day.

Britney: I think Pink is really cool.

She seems more endearing to me ... he just further irritated me. I was happy that there is proof that he showers ... though I don't know that we needed to see his ass.

It doesn't take much to make her happy ... she said it herself, she's likes it "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" ... as long as he can hang sexually for at least 3 minutes, 3 times a day then he'll have her hooked forever! I was very uncomfortable hearing her talk about sex so much ... I can't really think about the 2 of them having sex -- it's just so wrong. Ack, it's giving me the heebie-jeebies just talking about it now ... Bottom line, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic is a surprisingly real and intimate look at their lives ... good or bad, it really delivers their truth.

... by the way, I'm fairly certain if she were to answer her own question it would be "doggie style". Incidentally, MTV has secured the rights to reair all of the episodes in reruns after the series has ended. If you need further Chaotic recap, check out this USA Today article HERE. [screencaps via]

But, the Spederline onslaught kept rolling on ... Britney and Kevin appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman to do Dave's Top 10 List:

The Top 10 Reasons to watch Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's new show:

10. Britney: There's never-before-seen footage of me wrestling an alligator.

09. Kevin: Unlike those "Desperate Housewives" chicks, we're not, like, 60 years old.

08. Britney: It's like "American Idol" except no one sleeps with Paula Abdul.

07. Kevin: In the first episode, you can see my ass.

06. Britney: I'm hot.

05. Kevin: She's hot.

04. Britney and Kevin: We haven't had nearly enough media coverage.

03. Britney: It's gotta be better than this show.

02. Kevin: If enough people tune in, maybe my wife will make out with Madonna again.

01. Britney: In the season finale, you'll find out that Dave is the father of my baby -- oops.

What a funny list ... well done Spederline, well done!

Somewhere in between showing up on Ellen and David Letterman, Britney thought it would be a great idea to go out for sushi again:

Hmmm ... cravings much? I'm not sure about the whole eating-sushi-while-you're-pregnant-is-bad-for-the-baby thing but ... if I were pregnant I don't think I could stop eating sushi either. I'm with ya, Brit!

One last bit of Spederline news, the fine folks that brought us the infamous Save Mary Kate t-shirts have done it again -- they bring us Federline:

I can't wait to get this shirt! I want to wear it to the finest hipster dance parties around town and see if I get beat down. Holla!

Okay okay ... enough Spederline for right this second ... let's move on ... Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have become quite the portrait of an American family:

It's all about the Starbucks people ... either it brings a couple together (you know who I'm talking about) or it breaks them apart. I think it's because Starbucks burns their beans. Damn them!!!

Well, what the hell do we have here ... Ryan Seacrest kissing a woman?!

And not just any woman but Paulina Rubio, the latina Britney Spears. Could it be?! Could this be love?! Aye carumba! I guess only time will tell.

Here are a few more pictures of Paris Hilton from Cannes, France. She wore this nice hat with dress combo at an HBO party:

The last picture was taken while in London. It's a very classic Paris picture. Man ... talk about your overexposure ... can you imagine what it's going to be like when she releases her album?! [via ONTD!]

Let's say hello to Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his really cool ice blue eyes:

He played a hot David Bowie, a hot Greek and a hot Elvis ... what more could you ask for? Well, we can ask that he successfully completes his stint in rehab. He's a cool dude, I'd hate to see him ruin his life.

Latina beauty Eva Longoria is one hot chick:

She is way too hot for the likes of Hayden Christensen ... Eva, drop that zero and get with a hero.

Whoa, Jared Leto shaved off all of his hair:

It looks terrible! I wonder if he cut it for a movie role ... Yikes, I hope he grows all of his hair back ... and fast. [pic via]

Aww ... here are some pictures of Charisma Carpenter (ex-Cordelia on Buffy, Angel) with her family:

They look so cute and happy.

Madonna was spotted on her way to a studio, presumably to work on her next album:

She looks so elder stateswoman ... is it true ... is Madonna really getting old in her old age?

Victoria Gotti likes the gays:

Why else would she appear on the cover of a gay publication like Next? She says she would be totally fine if one of her son's told her he was gay. Hmmm ... that is verrrrrry interesting.

Would you like to bid on a picture of Dominic Monaghan (ex-Hobbit, currently Charlie on Lost) making out with a dude? Well HERE's your chance:

It's not a very hot picture ... it doesn't really show much ... but, if you think it's for you go for it! [thanks Andy]

Here is the cover of Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill Acoustic album:

It's a nice play on the original cover. I can't believe it's been 10 years since that album came out. I was but a wee lad in 1995 ... but that was a damn good year.

And finally ... are you bitches ready for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

Sarah, VLB, Mark and I are going to a midnight showing of the movie TONIGHT and I can't hardly wait. It's the last Star Wars movie, y'all ... it's gotta be done right. I am really excited to see it ... Woot!!!

The news:
I spent another quiet night at home last night watching various television programming. Tonight I'm hanging out at Sarah's house before we head out to see Revenge of the Sith (sidenote, did you know that Return of the Jedi was originally going to be called Revenge of the Jedi but was changed at the last minute?). Today is going to drag like a mother effer ... and I'm out.