Monday, May 23, 2005

Majikly Delicious

Hee hee ... I don't usually hate on Ms. Britney Spears but ... I think in this case I'll make an exception:

It's not that she looks terrible, per se ... it's more that she just looks really wrong. I think it's the hat ... or the pattern on the dress ... or something. She looks really bad, I'll have to admit. Kevin Federline, on the other hand, looks like he always does:

I guess I shouldn't really complain about his hair ... at least he's not wearing corn rows. The wife beater t-shirts are just absurdly bad. This is the outfit he wears for tooling around town in his brand new Ferrari. Kill me now.


Did y'all watch the 7th season finale of Charmed last night?

I'm gonna guess that many of you didn't since Charmed isn't as popular as it used to be ... but those of you who know me (and have been reading this blog for a while) know that I am still on board with the Charmed Ones. The good news is that Paige, Phoebe and Piper did not die ... yay! This season as all over the damn place ... do you remember the Avatars? Yeah, the were like this season's "big bad" except their storyline was finished a couple of months ago and the Zankou "big bad" storyline took the forefront. It seemed like this show was just dwindling down to finally ending ... and then they started writing good episodes. Thankfully, The WB picked up Charmed for an 8th season ... which means that the "completed" season finale will have to be reopened next season. Will the Charmed Ones move to a new city? Will the Charmed Ones operate incognito or in disguise? Will Prue be brought back from the dead?!? We'll just have to wait and see.

Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and did a pretty decent job ... the show wasn't that great but that wasn't Lindsay's fault ... the opening skit was hilarious but I couldn't help but notice how SICKENINGLY SKINNY that girl is:

Look at her arms ... that hair ... that dress ... GET THIS GIRL OFF THE DRUGS IMMEDIATELY! In almost every picture of her lately all you can focus on are her protruding bones:

It's like, before you would see a picture of L. Lo and say "Wow, nice rack!" Now all you think is "Wow, nice ribcage!" Gross.

Jennifer Lopez, a hearty and healthy woman, was out shopping with her even heartier and healthier mama:

Before heading out with her skeletonaly-zombified hubby, Marc Anthony:

::SHUDDER:: Can you imagine what this dude looks like nekkid?! OI!

There were some happenin' pop/rock shows this weekend ... bands like The Killers, Good Charlote and My Chemical Romance took to the stage at various concert festivals:

Did anybody get to see any good festivals? All the good festivals are either in NYC or LA ... 89X is having a massive festival birthday bash here in Detroit on Memorial Day but I'm not sure we can attend. I would love to live vicariously thru any of you guys who got/get to attend any of these shows. Hit me back or post in the comments ...

Mary-Kate Olsen is dating a sasquatch-like dude ... well, maybe he's not so freakishly tall and he only looks so because she is so freakishly small (and there is NO excuse for his hair) ... but I'm digressing ... check out the pair while in Europe:

WTF?! She is miniscule underneath all that clothing ... a shawl, are you kidding me? I thought shawls went out after the first season of The Newlyweds ended. Should microscopic girls be smoking cigarettes? Is that really a good thing?

Well, what do we have here? Why, it looks like Kid Rock is out for a romantic boat ride with David Furnish:

Yeah, David Furnish is Elton John's longtime boyfriend turned fiancee. Um ... why are these 2 men out on a boat together? Should Elton be worried?

Even though she looks really powered up ... and yes, she's wearing the really bright red lipstick (again) ... I have to say that, from a distance, Xtina Aguilera looks really cute:

It's like, she's a full-on Monet ... from far away it's really pretty but close-up it's just a mess. I like her hair ... and that is rare.

... Yeah ... I just can't ever say a good thing about Pink:

Which is horribly unfortunate because I love pink so much.

Hey, What is up with Bennifer 2.0 you might be wondering ... well, Ben Affleck has taken to wearing clothing that matches his take-out bags and Jennifer Garner has been opting for the "plain Jane" look:

And the 2 are still massively in love!

And finally, Burger King has a bunch of Star Wars toys to go along with their promotion of the movie ... check out all the cute toys:

Click image to see full size

This promotion is very reminiscent of the Pokémon toys that they had a few years ago ... I don't think I could go through that again. In my need to "catch 'em all" my friends (and by "friends" I mean Sarah) and I went to Burger King on a daily basis hoping to get all of the different Pokémon toys ... we ate and ate and ate ... and sometimes didn't eat BK for weeks ... it was extremely gross. Yeah ... just thinking about it again ... I think I'll pass on the Star Wars toys. I know that Sarah is heaving a big sigh of relief right now.

Les news:
Yesterday was so much fun ... Erik and I threw a fairly elaborate 10th birthday party for my kitty Majik ... it was quite a soiree:

Officially it was her Super Sweet 10th but since she is so youthful and beautiful (like me) we dubbed it, unofficially, her Super Sweet 5th ... Sarah and Mark brought her gifts and a super cute card:

And then later on VLB joined us for the party ... Erik, Sarah, Mark, VLB, Zoe (white cat), Leo (golden cat) joined Majik and me for the fun:

Now, before you think me completely crazy you have to know that this kitty has been with me since 1995 ... we have been through so much together ... she is so tiny, so cute and so active that it's hard to believe that she is 10 years old. SO we felt it was fitting to have a party for her. She got a Tiffany's-style necklace, a couple of new collars, tons of toys (including a pink cell phone filled with catnip, obvs!) and she even got a cake ... that we humans ate. Despite the look on Majik's face in EVERY PICTURE it was so much fun!

On a random note, I am getting a new laptop tonight ... I can't hardly wait! Woot!