Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Million Holla Baby

Even though it's kinda tacky I have to mention that Pink is the new Blog had it's one millionth visitor sometime last night/this morning (and yesterday was my new all-time busiest day):

Even though I have been blogging since August 2002, it's only been since June of last year that I have been Pink is the new Blogging. It took me a year, but I finally reached the one million visitor plateau. Thank you all for all your support and kind words. I have had the pleasure to meet some very cool people because of this blog. It seems like I run into Pink fans everywhere I go ... it is truly an amazing thing. I get amazing emails from people all over the world -- it's really extremely flattering that so many people enjoy what I do. I'm so glad this site has turned into a fun place for so many people. Thank you all, so much, for all your kind messages, comments, gifts and friendship. Let's keep the fun going ...

... here are a few more pictures of Ryan Phillipe, all wet and stuff, out surfing:

I can't think of a better way to start the day.

Batman Begins opens in theaters in just a couple of weeks (I am *so* excited). Here are some pictures of the cast doing promotion:

I am such a huge Batman fan ... I know that Christian Bale is going to do an excellent job in this movie. I'm really hoping that Katie Holmes doesn't eff things up. I was very suspicious when I heard that Kim Basinger was going to play Vicki Vale in the first Batman movie but she turned out to be semi-decent. As long as Katie keeps her herpes under wraps things should be ok:

She really does look very pretty when she's all done up for photoshoots.

Ashlee Simpson also looks great in many of her old photoshoots ... here is a shoot that I've never seen before ... look at how awesome she looked:

I miss her hair. I really hope she grows her hair out again ... or at least dyes it back to black. Ashlee really should play to her strengths and not mess around too much. I'm a big fan and I'm disillusioned ... that is not a good thing.

Alicia Silverstone is on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine:

She looks stunning! I love her mouth ... she and Liz Phair have the sexiest mouths in Hollywood (some may argue that Angelina Jolie has the sexiest mouth, but I contend that, in her case, it's all about the lips and not the whole mouth). I'm so glad to hear that Alicia is set to get married this summer. Clueless is one of my all-time favorite movies ... and it's pretty much because Alicia Silverstone totally rules.

Speaking of Angelina Jolie, she is on the cover of British GQ:

My, my, my ... she is looking very randy, isn't she?

Here is further proof that Kim Stewart is putting the moves on her ex-step mother's ex-boyfriend Wes Scantlin:

He's no prize (by any stretch of the imagination) but she is sooo EW looking. I don't get her appeal at all. She is starting to show up everywhere ... just like Paris Hilton back in the day ... let's hope that Kim Stewart doesn't get as big as Paris Hilton. Yes, let's hope and pray.

Ewan McGregor is taking some time off from acting in movies to do some theater. He is starring in the London production of Guys and Dolls:

We know he can sing (Moulin Rouge) and we know he can be theatrical (Velvet Goldmine) so he should be all set. I like Ewan, I hope he does well.

Hello Rose McGowan ... can this woman take a bad picture?

She always looks so great. I'm really glad she cleaned up her act. Now she's always hot hot hot.

Feed the child:

If you don't help, who will?

Nicole Richie and her mom spent some time shopping together:

Can you believe that Mama Richie only weighs 120 pounds? She looks huge next to Nicole!

I don't care what you say, Gwen Stefani ...

... you's a hollaback girl.

Here is a picture of Christian Slater getting arrested for his bad behavior yesterday:

Um, isn't it time for a new hair-do, Christian? If you got a make-over maybe you wouldn't have to assault women to get some play.

Here are some weird pictures of Her Royal Thighness, II, Elisha Cuthbert:

I'm not exactly sure what is going on ... I think the pictures are old because Dennis Haysbert is in the second one (he and Elisha starred together in the first season of 24) ... but they are bizarre looking. I half expected to see a man with corn in his mouth in that throng of people.

And finally, from the man who brought you A Guy Site comes his latest blog venture --

The blog officially launches today ... it's a great site for guys into watching guys on TV. Check it out!

Let's do the news:
I had a great day off yesterday ... I was able to spend some good quality time with my dad in the early afternoon. Then VLB and I had a nice quick burger and beer in the late afternoon. Sarah, Jeff and I went to Club Bart to watch Ben & Sam = BAM in their debut performance ... it was so fun:

They sounded kind of Portisheadish ... her voice reminded me a bit of Juliana Hatfield. They put on a great show.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Claudia at the show ... I need to say hi to her and all the naughty law students at Michigan State College of Law :)

Work is winding down for the year ... this is the last "full" week of school left. Next week is just 3 half-days long ... then graduation the following Tuesday ... then I'm done ... forever! Woot!