Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Days Of Blunder

When I say that the coolest people around read Pink is the new Blog ... I'm not just bullshittin' ... it turns out that one of my Pink Peeps graduated alongside Cameron Lee Federline and sent me a few pictures to share with you all:

Lindsay is the cute little hottie who is being carried by her friend in the last picture. She mentioned that Britney Spears had to keep getting up to use the restroom (she failed to mention whether our dear Brit was wearing shoes at the time, let's assume hope that she was) so Britney stood at the back of the room for much of the ceremony. I cannot express how cool it was of Lindsay to share her personal graduation pictures with all of us. Thank you so much Lindsay -- I'm sending tons of pink love your way!!!

Man ... there are times when I just have to get on my knees and thank the gossip gods for the gifts they bestow upon us ... Behold, TomKat tooling around town on a motorcycle:

After the MTV Movie Awards, Tom Cruise coerced kindly gave Katie Holmes a ride on his motorcycle. But I just can't help but believe that we are the ones who are being taken for a ride. She looks like his doll ... he just makes her do whatever he wants and she happily (???) complies. TomKat also made an appearance last night at the premiere of Batman Begins:

I want to believe that she is happily in love ... well, okay, no I don't ... it's just too creepy. He is so fucking crazy ... and way too old for her. The poor thing looks like a little deer caught in headlights. Katie is way too wrapped up in this mess ... and I bet you any money she is praying for a way out. It might be too late ... The theatrics of this relationship are just way too over the top. I fear Tom will not let Katie go ... EVER. Sick! Sick! Sick!

Here are some pictures of Russell Crowe as he is being led, in handcuffs, to a waiting police car:

I wonder how much it costs to assault someone with a telephone? We may soon find out.

Either Brad Pitt is trying to go incognito or he just had a bad run-in with a bottle of Sun-In:

It's more likely that he bleached his hair for a movie role ... it doesn't look horrible but I don't like it much.

Paris2 are huge fans of gross public displays of affection ...

... and still no sex tape. Oh, silly me -- the tape won't be released until they break up. Not to be cynical ... but you just know that Paris (male) has a tape of Paris2 having sex stashed away somewhere ...

Anyways ... after Paris (female) was done sucking on Paris (male)'s tongue she changed clothes, met up with her mother and headed for the airport:

Not sure where she flew to ... but if I know Paris Hilton and her love of the paparazzi we'll know very soon.

Colin Farrell recently celebrated his 30th birthday in Miami:

Is it just me or does Colin's date have better hair than he does?

Mandy Moore is not a fan of fake tanning:

She prefers the real thing. I <3 Mandy ... even though her booty looks a bit flat ... well, who am I to talk ... I don't even have a booty.

Um, what the hell is going on here? Why is there crusty dried stuff, that looks like blood flakes, caked into corners of Lindsay Lohan's mouth?

Believe me, it's Lindsay Lohan (see the full size image HERE). That shit is nasty ... maybe she's been making out with Katie Holmes and she, too, has contracted the mouth herpes? Ew ... [thanks to Dallas Dixon for the heads up]

In any regard, Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine:

I am not even going to dignify her insulting hair with a response. If they were going for the 60's-mod-a-la-Ann-Margaret look then I don't think they did a very good job. Gross mouth hygiene, bad weaves ... L. Lo really is on a downward spiral. [via ONTD!]

Here's a beauty that always looks good ... no matter what ... Sarah Michelle Gellar:

SMG does thin in a non-gross way. And to my knowledge I've never seen her bleed from her mouth ... not at all.

Another happy day with the Olsen Twins:

I have to say ... they make me sick ... if I had their money you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off my face.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are still married and together ...

... in case you were wondering.

Here are some new pictures of Xtina Aguilera and her man Jordan:

I think she actually looks cute. Love the glasses ...

Heidi Klum is ever-expanding:

... and looking radiant ...

Chantal Kreviazuk (one of my favorite singers) is also ready to pop out a baby:

While I am happy for her ... I really wish she'd stop having babies and get to puttin' out albums.

Check out the cast of The Real World: Austin:

I was able to watch the casting special for the new brood last night ... I have to say -- I was not impressed. All these damn kids all look the same ... every year ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

What's this, has David Beckham done it again?

Oh Becks ...

Les news:
Lest you think that I have lost my mind and forgot to mention that the Detroit Pistons defeated the Miami Heat to become the 2005 Eastern Conference Champions and advance to the NBA Finals to face the San Antonio Spurs, let me take this opportunity to say BRING IT BITCHES:

I have faith that The Bad Boys 2.0 will have a thrilling repeat of last year ... I got a good feeling, y'all! Detroit is gonna win again. You heard it here first!

I opted out of going to work today ... I have to admit, the school year is *so* over ... And I couldn't be more thrilled. Holla!