Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Thong Show

You know I love you all ... with all my heart ... so I'm really sorry to have to do this to you right off the bat:

Good god ... If I never see Kim Stewart's thong again I will be the happiest man alive. When I found these pictures I really wanted to find a sharp stick so that I could poke out my eyeballs ... but I thought it might be funner to share the pix with all of you lovely folks instead! Um, why is she carrying a copy of Jane Fonda's autobiography? I can't really see Kim Stewart ... reading ... and if so, why the Jane Fonda book? Anyways, just because I like to be evil (and because the scary girl won't go away) here are couple more pix of Ms. Stewart:

She's a beaut, ain't she? I know I complain about her ... but the pictures make it all worthwhile.

Hmm, is this Lindsay Lohan I spy sunbathing in Mexico?

Are my eyes deceiving me or does it look like L. Lo has put on a few more pounds? Maybe it's the way the pictures turned out but, to me, she looks a little beefier. Actually, her arms do still look really thin, but she does look more plump in the first picture.

Um, EW, why is Lindsay reaching for a cigarette that she found on the ground?


Paris Hilton is a fan of Koi -- she takes all the men in her life there:

Not only does she dine there with her fiancee Paris (male) but also her little brother Conrad Hilton. How cute!

Jessica Simpson has been spending a lot of time at the recording studio lately:

I'm not sure how I feel about her whole look ... the shoes seem ... wrong ... what do you think?

Chloe Sevigny likes a warm summer breeze every now and again:

Good thing she's wearing clean underwear ... we hope. [via Drunken Stepfather (NSFW)]

I bet Leelee Sobieski didn't think this dress was this see-through when she put it on:

I hope she's wearing clean underwear too. [via Drunken Stepfather (NSFW)]

WTF is going on with Ashton Kutcher?

This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time! Demi Moore likes to have sex with this?!?

Whoa ... Michelle Branch is getting pretty ginormous! She looks ready to give birth at any second:

She posted this very scary picture of her fetus on her official messageboard. Creeepy.

Kirsten Dunst decorated a pair of jeans to be auctioned off for charity:

I really think she should have done more with the jeans. Coloring them with markers is not very chic.

Hmm, Liev Schrieber and Naomi Watts are still together:

... hmm ... they're not very exciting ...

Beyonce and Jay-Z are spending their vacation time in beautiful Italy:

They look so happy together. I wonder what Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are doing right now? Do you think they've made a suicide pact?

Nicole Kidman graces the cover of the new Vanity Fair magazine:

She is so pretty. Despite how horrible the premise sounds, I can't wait to see Bewitched. Nicole rules!

Here are some preview screencaps from Allyson Hannigan's new TV show How I Met Your Mother:

So lemme guess, she's a pirate ... who explains to us ... how she met someone's mother? Sounds like a great show!

And finally, click HERE to see the trailer for the movie MirrorMask:

MirrorMask is a Neil Gaiman tale ... and it looks utterly amazing. This is going to be a kickass, fantastical movie.

The news:
Tickets went on sale this morning for Tori Amos' next Detroit concert in August:

Sarah and I secured a couple of seats in row G. Wee! We may only go to a couple of shows on this leg of the tour ...

One last thing, I have to say hello to a different Sarah -- she and her friends went to a booksigning to meet Jessica Cutler -- the blogger known as The Washingtonienne:

Jessica got a book deal out of her blog ... which I think is hella cool (maybe some day Pink will be the new Book?). Anyways, Sarah sent me this picture of her and her friends ... and I wanted to say hello back.

And I'm out.