Friday, June 17, 2005

The Rules Of Engagement

Yay! Britney Spears has not gone into total seclusion:

It's so nice of her to show up in public with suspicious-looking stains on her shirt and an open fly. That's my girl, y'all!!

SOOO, it seems the really big news of the day is the engagement of TomKat:

Tom Cruise has finally asked Katie Holmes to be his (sic) wife. Hello -- we all knew that this was phase 2 of the masterplan. I'm not at all surprised that it happened so quickly ... and so strategically. C'mon, he proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower? You can't get more clichéd than that. The big question now is whether they will wed in seclusion or in a huge, lavish ceremony ... at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in LA perhaps? This whole thing just has disaster written all over it. They've only known each other for about 8 weeks. OI! It's fun to watch tho ...

Hmm ... what do you suppose Mena Suvari was doing at a gay club? Why do you suppose this woman has her arm around Mena?

Interesting ... it's not like I'm one to jump to conclusions or anything like that but ... Hmm ... Didn't Mena *just* file for a divorce from her husband for irreconcilable differences? Maybe now we know what those differences are.

Here is your (semi)daily SkeletwinsTM update ... it seems that Lindsay Lohan did a little shopping before meeting up with Nicole Richie for lunch:

The problem is that they never seem to actually be eating. They're always meeting up for lunch ... and never eat. Whatevs ... after "lunch" the SkeletwinsTM met up at an Allure magazine party.

Anyways ... while shopping earlier in the day, Ms. Lohan got caught red-handed:

Well, tan-handed it seems. GROSS! If you're going to use fake tanner you should really make sure it's not smeared all over your hands. EW! [via]

But what is even grosser than gross ... how about this picture of L. Lo and Ryan Seacrest at the Allure magazine party:

Hahahahahaha! They both look so funny!

Aww ... look at how cute Paris2 are when they get all kissy-kissy:

If I wasn't so busy cooing over their cuteness I'd be puking in the bathroom.

Here is Alicia Silverstone's wedding picture from the newest issue of People magazine:

She looks so pretty ... what a great dress. I hope she has a long and very happy marriage.

Alanis Morissette got her self a little haircut:

Sadly it does not flatter her forehead.

Siouxsie Sioux was honored at the Mojo Awards in the UK as the Icon of the Year:

She looks so beautiful. Siouxsie is such an amazing musician ... I have always been a huge fan! She beat out David Bowie, John Lydon, Marc Bolan and The Ramones to win the award! Rock on!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal is in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival:

He says hello!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z continue their Italian vacation:

Jay-Z says goodbye!

Aww, Nick Lachey is suffering with an owie:

Hmm ... why do you suppose Nick had to go to the clinic to get blood work done? What do you suppose he was tested for?

Jennifer Lopez is back to work filming a new movie in New Mexico:

Her hair looks funny. Marc Anthony is there as well ... I wonder if he's actually in the movie with her or is merely there to keep an eye on her.

Jessica Alba graces the over of the new issue of Rolling Stone:

She looks amazing ... and gives a very interesting interview as well. I can't wait for the Fantastic Four Movie. [via Whatevs]

Awww yeah ... the Detroit Pistons whipped some more Spurs booty last night to tie up the Finals series at 2 games a piece. Kid Rock was on had to support his boys:

He was also representin' the East Side as well ... Holla actha boy! If you would like to get your own East Side shirt just like the one that Kid Rock is wearing -- you can order it HERE. Anyways, the Pistons have one more game at home (this Sunday) before the fly down to San Antonio to finish off those Spurs on their home court. Woot!

And finally, I just found out that Alec Empire is back with a new album! The Futurist was released a couple of months ago!

I've already listened to some of it -- it's so kickass ... I really suggest that those of you who were disappointed with the new NIN album pick up this disc. Alec Empire's music is always consistency hard and inventive (electropunkish, digital hardcore). Check out his official "unofficial" site HERE ... or read his blog HERE.

The news:
I got to hang out with Sarah last night ... we snacked, drank and watched most of the Pistons game. Tonight my kickball team, Phil Collins, plays our second set of games:

And I predict that we will devastate that poor, unsuspecting team. Kickball is so fun!