Monday, June 27, 2005

Laguna Matata ... It Means No Worries, Bitches!

Yesterday was a blast ... our day road trip was SO AMAZINGLY fun ... but I'll get to that in a bit ...

Yay! It's been way too long since either half of Spederline has surfaced ... they have been pretty much out of the public eye ... EXCEPT FOR YESTERDAY WHEN BRITNEY AND JAMIE LYNN SPEARS HAD DINNER AT THE IVY WHILE I WAS IN LAGUNA BEACH!!!

Boo! I could have run into Britney and Jamie Lynn ... AHHHHHH! Well, to be honest, I probably would have DIED on the spot ... just keeled over and expired ... and then there'd be no more Pink ... so I guess it's better that I did not run into them. OH WHO AM I KIDDING -- BRITNEY CALL ME AND WE'LL DO LUNCH!

Anyways, the other half of Spederline, Kevin Federline, has also surfaced around town. Here we have some pix of Kevin Federline pumping gas:

He looks so natural with that gas pump in his hand ... fulfilling his destiny ... his station in life ... Boo, still no actual sightings with my own eyeballs of either Kevin or Britney Spears while I'm here in LA. But I'm not giving up hope!

Aww Drew Barrymore does not look happy:

What is with all the fingers lately ... everyone seems to be all pissy at the paparazzi lately. You know, it wouldn't kill her to run a brush through her hair either ... I'm just saying ...

Here are some pictures of Prince William at his recent graduation:

He is the first royal to receive a master's degree. Sweet! He has it all brains ... and a country that he will someday rule over ... must be nice.

Here are some better pictures of Pamela Anderson and her infamous body parts:

Click above to see uncensored pictures

I bet she is real fun to have at a party. She always brings the party favors.

And finally, check out this picture of John Gotti's birthday cake:

Who puts their own face on their own birthday cake?! Well ... besides me ..?

Picture of John Gotti on a birthday cake = not cool
Picture of Me on a birthday cake = so cool it's fantabulous.

You be the judge ;)


So okay ... our roadtrip ... we were very careful to plan everything out because we didn't want to spend the day going "Should we do this or that?" all day long. We got into the PT Cruiser and hit the road:

First up a quick visit to Torrance, California. I realize there ain't much to do in Torrance but, for all intents and purposes, it is Sunnydale, California. So driving around was kinda cool cuz it felt like we were in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer a little bit. Michael, a new friend, gave me directions to the actual house they used as Buffy's house on the show and we found it with no problems at all:

It was all I could do to keep myself from running onto the porch to press my face against the windows to peek inside (I did not run onto the porch at all). We took a few pictures ... but it was just neat to be at the actual house. You can see the window that is supposed to be Buffy's room. So freaking cool.

We ended up driving around looking for Target because we needed beach towels and sunscreen ... and then happened upon Torrance High School AKA Sunnydale High:

We stopped to snap a few pictures just because we could ... last year we managed to get into the courtyard to take a TON of fun pictures (you can see those pictures HERE) so we opted out of trying to do that again this year. After visiting the school we found Target (I got a Batman beach towel, Erik got a Twister beach towel) and then we hit Highway 1 to drive along the coast on our way to Laguna Beach. It was soooo beautiful. We drove through all the coastal beaches (Newport, Huntington, Long Beach) and then finally arrived at Laguna Beach -- the real OC:

The water was a bit cold but we quickly got used to it ... I loved LOVED loved being in the water. I only almost drowned twice! The waves got so big ... and the current got pretty strong. I forgot how salty the water is but I quickly remembered as it poured into my mouth and nose ... but it was *so* worth it. We laid out in the sun for a couple of hours (got a little color) and then grabbed some food ... before visiting Laguna Beach High. Sadly, we did not run into Kirsten, Lo, Steven or any of the other "Laguna Kids" but we did manage to have the best beach day ever ... if you get to visit Southern call, you MUST go to the beach ... you will LOVE it!

We found our way home without any problems (we didn't hit a bit of traffic at all all day long ... I don't know what you LA peeps are talking about when you say traffic is a nightmare -- it was fine for use when we were driving -- must be that Motown Mojo) and then cleaned up and met up with Tony, Jeff, Jon and Adam at Ackbar (It's A Trap!):

We managed to drink the night away ...

Today's plans are still not totally clear ... We are going to try our luck at the War of the Worlds premiere (must photograph TomKat, must photograph TomKat) and then there are plans to have dinner at Newsroom. Yah hear that celebs, meet me at Newsroom!

Gotta start the day now (local time, 9:47 AM) so YOU have a great day and I'll be back. Lates!!

PS: I have *no idea* what is causing the page to attempt to install software on your computers ... PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE THAT THE PAGE ATTEMPTS TO INSTALL ... I will figure out what the eff is going on and I will get rid of it.


I am so sorry for the intrusion ... I need to figure out what is going on after I get home this Wednesday. XO