Friday, July 01, 2005

We'll Miss You, Luther

I sadly have to report that Luther Vandross has passed away, he was only 54 years old. Many of you have sent emails and messages with the news. He was truly an amazing singer and he will be greatly missed:

Peace the Spork Out, Luth ...

Be Me For A Minute. Hell To The No!

So wait ... how many damn dogs does Britney Spears have? We know about Bit Bit ... and Lacy Loo ... and there's another one called Lucky ... right? Bit Bit has been out of sight lately ... I wonder what's up with that. Anyways ... Britney took one of her dogs shopping with her in Malibu recently:

I think this dog is Lacy ... and I it's the one that I thought was dead. It seems I was incorrect. Well, with so many dogs ... it's no wonder that Britney is always being seen shopping at pet stores:

Her belly is getting huge ... she should offer her tummy as ad space ... she could make a fortune.

So ... hahahaha ... please tell me that you watched Being Bobby Brown on Bravo last night:

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston make Kevin and Britney look ... well ... a little better. Bobby has been in jail so many times, he just talks about it as if going to court was just another one of his daily chores. I really think this is going to be Bobby's summer to make a comeback. Heaven help us all. Whitney ... oh Whitney ... that woman is nuts, y'all. I pity the person that asks her for an autograph or a picture ... she will bitch you out -- on camera. I just couldn't stop laughing ... this is going to be an awesome show to watch. I predict Hell to the No will not catch on as the catch-phrase of the summer -- but it is funny as hell when Whitney says it.

Shoot ... I just love it when Whitney just talks. LOL!

If you missed the show click HERE to read the full recap by FourFour complete with screencaps.

Here are still MORE pictures of Nicky Hilton shopping on Robertson ... and yet, I am still NOT in any of the pictures:

Boo! I understand that there are a few pictures of Nicky from that day (06/28) when she lunched at The Ivy and shopped on Robertson at If someone has an account and can check out the pictures please let me know if I show up in any of them ... I'd love to have a copy.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst had lunch at Urth Cafe the day after we got home from LA:

I would have *died* if they showed up the day we had lunch at Urth Cafe ... Anyways, they look real cozy ... if they are friends then they are close friends (like B.F.F.s) but they are SO prolly together as a couple.

Jessica Simpson has good posture:

... or maybe her bra is on too tight ... those suckers are thrust up and out ... double D's indeed.

Aww, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley having a picnic in the park:

Um ... this is really weird. I wouldn't have pegged them as the sickeningly cute couple that they are turning out to be ... hey guys, let's keep the pukey-cute stuff to a minimum -- thanks.

Hilary Duff is a chick after my own heart ... here she is shopping with a very fun hat on:

Well, okay ... the hat isn't so much fun as it's more Little House on the Prairieish ... but whatevs, she can make it work.

Cameron Diaz was seen doing a photoshoot in Malibu this week:

And I understand she was smelled doing a poopyshoot in Malibu as well.

And while Cam doesn't always look good in skimpy swimwear the same cannot be said about David Beckham ... um, can we say HOTNESS?!

We got to see him in his speedo from the front ... and now the back ... maybe soon we can see him in not a bathing suit, but his birthday suit instead -- oh look, HERE is a picture of Becks in the nude (NSFW). Hmm ... I think I'm going to need a better picture to make a judgment. [via ONTD!]

Look how nice Pamela Anderson looks when she tries to tone down her sexiness:

A bra might add to her modesty but ... she's Pamela Anderson ... she's practically dressed like a saint.

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner fessed up and 1.) got married and 2.) confirmed their pregnancy, I think it's time that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did some fessing of up their own:

The pictures never lie ... I am completely convinced that these 2 are going to announce a formal relationship at some point.

Check out this ad for Paris Hilton's cologne for men:

It looks a tad boring ... when she does an ad for hamburgers she gets wet and half naked ... I think this ad sucks. She needs something with more pizzazz.

Aaron Carter showed up at the Elle party in New York City sporting a little goatee:

He should never do that again. The *real* stars of the Elle party were the hot MisShapes hipsters who provided the tunes and the glam:

It ain't no NYC party without Greg K. or Ultragrrrl. Check out all the HOT pictures from the Elle event HERE at Last Night's Party.

Check it out ... the Washington Post quoted me in their free insert called Express:

Thanks Michael for letting me know.

Les news:
I got to spend the afternoon hanging out with Shan who was in town for the Detroit fireworks on Wednesday night:

We spent the whole afternoon shopping ... which is just what I should have been doing after returning home from a vacation of shopping ... he is such a bad influence ... it was all his fault.

To all my Canadian peeps, Happy Canada Day:

I'm sending lots of pink love to all you sexy Canucks!

Hello, it's hot here in Detroit. I think I'm going to go do something cool ... like pack myself in ice and take a nap. Yeah ... that sounds hot.

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