Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Birthday, L. Lo

I swear I did not forget that today is Lindsay Lohan's 19th birthday ... I was thinking that tomorrow was July 2nd ... but thanks to a very astute Pink reader (thanks Erica) I was reminded that today is July 2nd:

Whatevs ... Lindsay should be happy that she got her own birthday post instead of just a mention in another post ...

ANYWAYS ... Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

Party hard ... but don't die.
Eat some cake ... but keep it down.

We <3 U, girl!

It's Finally Fixed, Y'all!!!

First things first ... I have to give a huge shout out and send out MUCH LOVE to Raven for finally fixing my template ... those of you who are Firefox, Netscape and Macintosh users FINALLY are able to see this page the way it's meant to be seen. The sidebar on the right finally works for everyone! Yay! There are still little things to tweak but I am so happy that it's finally looking the way it's supposed to look. Raven is my hero and I will love her forever :)

I'm also sending out much love to Phil @ Egotastic ... he also stepped up and offered his help with this nagging problem. XOXO you guys ... I am so happy now!

Okay ... let's get to it, SOO we all know that Britney Spears is getting more and more enormous everyday ... her belly is superhuge ... so how does she able to get behind the wheel of a car and drive?

She can do it all, y'all ... there ain't nothin' that Miss Brit can't do ... except pick a quality man ... she's a little lax in that department ... AND speaking of her "quality men" here is Jason Alexander (former hubby and current gross out) meandering on the streets of LA:

It seems that after his cameo at the BET Awards he decided to pick up a "friend" and hit the streets. He looks a little cracked out ... but life must be rough after Britney.

Paris2 are gallivanting all over London these days:

I have to give Paris (male) snaps for his bold fashion sense ... he is always wearing colors that don't necessarily match to people with eyes ... but he seems to think they match so -- good on him for trying. Paris (female), on the other hand, is really hit or miss with her clothing. The red dress looks nice, the yellow dress that looks like a used snot rag does not. Hello! What is up with her hair?! That's the kind of 'do that J. Lo might try and rock ... and she can't even pull it off. Paris (female) take my advice, your hair looks best when it's down.

Aaron Carter is still sportin' that stupid little goatee, but he likes to shop so I guess he's not all that bad:

Is he really this popular because of his music? Does he act or something? I can't believe that he gets invited to all of these celebrity functions because he's such a great singer ... can someone explain it to me? Thanks.

Mariah Carey knows how to reach people ... she loves all her fans:

... even the ones who don't know who the hell she is. Does that man look at all happy to be taking a picture with Mariah Carey? How odd ... anyways, click HERE to watch video of this chance meeting with a Mariah fan. [thanks Carlo]

Hmm ... Rokbar has opened in Hollywood ... and Courtney Love was on hand for the stellar event:

... apparently they had an open bar ... and now it all makes sense.

Lindsay Lohan is hard at work making movies for us all to enjoy:

We should thank her profusely ... I mean, come on, she even carries her own umbrella?! L. Lo we <3 you for all that you do for us.

As much as I like Lindsay by herself, I love her best when she's with her SkeletwinTM sister Nicole Richie:

They should become superheros ... and fight crime ... and villains who eat too much and don't tan enough. That would be so hot.

Aww, check out Sara Gilbert and her happy family:

She and her girlfriend have a baby together ... so cute! I am happy to know that she has a cute little family.

And finally, today is the Live 8 spectacular that is happening all over the world in an attempt to end poverty in Africa:

I think it's really cool that musicians and celebrities are coming together on such a large scale in an effort to try and end poverty in the world. I remember the original Live Aid concert 20 years ago (click HERE for pictures) ... and here we are doing it again. So cool!!

Let's do the news:
Erik and I had a nice dinner at Little Tree last night ... then we stayed in and watched way too many episodes of Blow Out. I swear to god, Jonathan Antin cries way too much, he bitches way too much and he blows up way too much ... and that's why we can't stop watching his insipid show.

I think I'm going to go see Bewitched today ... wee! Have a great long weekend, y'all.