Friday, July 08, 2005

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Sadly, the death toll has risen significantly in the terrorist attacks on London yesterday ... but I hope that all Londoners, and indeed all Britons, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers:

Keep y'alls heads up ... we are with you guys!

The rumors continue to grow ... is Britney Spears carrying twins? Could it really be true?

It would explain her huge size ... she does look as if she were 14 months pregnant! I think it would rule if she had twins ... a boy and a girl ... you hardly ever hear of celebs giving birth to twins. Damn, Britney is such a trend-setter.

And while Britney is setting trends, Kevin Federline is destroying fashion norms:

Is this fool REALLY wearing socks with flip-flops?! UGH! This is going too far ... even for the likes of K-Fed ... OI! I think I need a valium ... this is just too much to bear.

Blah ... moving on ... it's too bad that Britney has announced that she is NOT posing nude on the cover of Vanity Fair ... but Gallery of the Absurd ain't taking No for an answer:

LOL! This picture is better than any real photograph could be! I love it! SOOO Hot!!!

Did y'all watch Being Bobby Brown last night? How in the world do people like Bobby and Whitney get let into super posh department stores, like Harrod's, just to yell and scream whenever they feel like it? Oh yeah, money and fame. I was actually cowering as I watched them shop for Louis Vuitton stuff ... they kept pointing to and picking up things that I have been interested in ... yikes!

And I *love* how the Dali Llama didn't know who the hell Bobby Brown is ... he didn't even seem to know who the hell Whitney Houston is! Brilliant! This is such a fun show to watch ... I can't ever get enough ...

The mystery has finally been solved ... it seems that we now know why Mary Kate Olsen starves herself:

She needs to be as thin as she can get in order to compete in the national trampoline games. It all makes sense now. Sorry for ragging on you earlier, MK.

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody were seen all coupley out in LA:

Then the gang all went to watch Adam's band play at Troubadour:

I hear the band is almost as good as 30 Seconds to Mars but not quite as good as 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Keep on practicin', Adam ... you'll get there one day.

Aw, check out Hilary Duff and her little chihuahua Chiquita:

Do I even have to tell you that I love the pink blanket? Although, I love it even more when Joel Madden is the one carrying the pooch in the pink blanket. Here are some pictures of Hilary doing a walk-thru at Starbucks:

She looks like she's in a hurry ... no time to stop ... just pass her the Starbucks and she's off.

Avril Lavigne has never been on to subscribe to the trends of the Hollywood "It" girls:

Hence all the eating ... Oh, Avril ... just get with the program and barf it up later, will ya?

I bet Nicole Richie is very helpful when you're playing poker and she's hanging on your arm and whispering in your ear, right DJ AM?

I bet she kept telling him when to yell Gin too.

Do any of you remember FeFe Dobson?

Now, how many of you want to forget her again?

Um ... is Elisha Cuthbert (Her Royal Thighness, II) really hurtin' for dinero?

I bet I know someone who would happily fork up the $47 for a visit. [via Defamer]

Hey Ultragrrrl, I have a question ...

Why do you have to be so hot all the time?

Steph and Alek (from Oh La La Paris) don't seem to be all that upset that Paris, France lost their bid to host the 2012 Olympics:

Shoot, why should be they be upset when they look this good?

AND FINALLY ... cuz I know that she thinks I forgot ... I want to wish my dearest Diana a very Happy Birthday ... she turns a very young 43 years old today:

I hope you get all the presents you desire ... and I hope you get me all the presents that I desire on my birthday next Tuesday! XOXO

Let's do the news:
Erik came home with a brand new car yesterday evening! He is the proud (very proud) owner of a 2005 Honda Civic. I was his first passenger ... we had a nice dinner at Bahama Breeze to celebrate.

Tonight, Phil Collins returns to the kickball field to kick some ass:

I am sad to report that Phil Collins lost both games the last time they played (Erik and I were in LA so we weren't able to play) but that bullshizz is over. We are going to dominate tonight! I believe we are taking team pictures so I hope to have something to share with you soon.

It's almost my birthday weekend, y'all! Woot!