Sunday, July 10, 2005

Whoops! Sorry, Jess

Yeah, I'm bad at remembering July birthdays ... prolly because I'm so preoccupied with my own birthday ... my bad ... but it's not too late to wish a Happy 25th Birthday to Jessica Simpson:

OY! Sorry ... Jess ... it's nuthin' personal. I'm sure she's not worried about my oversight ... she spent her birthday at the tanning salon ... but she does look sad in this picture ... but it can't be because of me.

Erica -- thanks for the heads up (again) ... maybe I should take you on as my intern.

My Super Sweet 16

Yay! Look at how cute and normal Britney Spears looks in these pictures:

It's so up and down with her ... one day she looks horrid and the next day she looks amazing ... and it's so simple for her to look good. Keep it simple, Brit ... don't try and over-do it with the accessories ... and you'll get much love from everyone!

Jamie Lynn Spears, on the other hand, is allowed to go overboard with the accessories and still look cute:

Well, if she wore this tiara out in public I'm sure she'd catch hell ... but it looks good in this picture. I wonder if I could rock a tiara that said Mr. Trent ... er ... yeah, I'm thinking no ...

Whoa ... Ashton Kutcher kinda flipped out on a paparazzo:

... that or he really wanted to steal that guy's shirt. I wonder what happened ...

Check out these pictures of Xtina Aguilera at the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show:

Are that many bobby pins really that necessary? Is a visible bra really that necessary?

Jake Gyllenhaal seems like a really cool guy:

He is always posing with his fans ... that's how I'm gonna be when I become big and famous ... I'll always make time for the fans -- and yes, that was said with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Aww, check out this picture of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson after a night of clubbin:

They look just like they used to in the old days ... blonde and giggly. I miss Ashlee's black hair ... it was more striking than the blonde.

Anyways, check out this recent picture of Jessica Simpson ... with something to hide:

I wonder why she's all shy all of the sudden?! Maybe she had a really big blemish on the end of her nose or something ...

Speaking of really big blemishes, here is Cameron Diaz ...

... lookin' pretty rough. Hey, at least I didn't say she was looking pretty ruff ruff.

Charlize Theron did a little shopping at Louis Vuitton:

Perhaps she was shopping for my birthday ... which is still 2 days away ... so there's still time to get me a nice little present ... except I don't need an LV iPod case anymore because my bestest friend in the whole world already got me one ... deets to follow ...

Did you know that Skye Sweetnam was big in Asia?

She even has a bilingual blog ... and stuff ... Erik and I saw her open for Britney Spears on The Onyx Hotel Tour ...

Hmmm ... do you think that celebrities ever have tattoo regrets?

Casper Van Dien is gettin' on in years ... that Casper the Ghost tattoo has always looked a little funny ... Hmmm ...

Well, I'm sure that my good Canadian friend Dallas Dixon will never regret his new awesome tattoo:

I think it's hot ... and Dallas, you're welcome :)

Les News:
Sooooo ... yesterday was so amazingly fun ... Erik, Brandon, VLB and I all went to see Fantastic Four ... and then I was taken to my surprise Super Sweet 16 party:

It was a total surprise ... I was only expecting dinner with Erik and then some sort of hoopla at OSLO later on in the night. Instead I was taken to a Japanese restaurant called Shiro where a lot of my friends were waiting to surprise me ... including Paris Hilton:

OMG ... it was so amazingly fun ... we had to take off our shoes, sit on the floor and eat the most amazing sushi! AND THERE WAS EVEN KARAOKE!!! Erik sang a couple songs to me ... everyone had a great time:

I got amazing presents (like the Louis Vuitton iPod case from my dear Sarah, the first season of Sex and the City, a PINK scrolling LCD belt buckle, a romantic weekend trip to see The Killers in concert and much much more!) and had an amazing time with the most amazing friends ever!

We closed out the night at OSLO where the dancing was ... pretty nonexistent ... but we drank, laughed and talked. I had the best day ever! Woot!!!

Tonight we are going to see Ben's new band, Cathedral Tree, play a show at Club Bart:

Should be a blast. I'm out.