Friday, July 15, 2005

Then & Now

Disney just released their best of Britney, Justin and Xtina Mickey Mouse Club DVD and has some cute screencaps:

Is it possible that Britney Spears was ever this young and innocent? Untouched by the influence of the mucho grody K-Fed? Virginal and childish ... well, at least she's not virginal anymore ... Ahhh, Britney ... I miss the old days when you weren't knocked up -- you've come a long way from eating pizza and dancing on TV to deciding to give birth on TV. That's my girl, y'all.

Here are some pictures from Jessica Simpson's 25th birthday party:

It looks like it's a Who's Who of celebs ... well, not really but Jake Gyllenhaal did show up so I'd count that as a plus! Incidentally, I've gotten the email that claims which Jessica is about to leave husband Nick Lachey to be with Johnny Knoxville right before their movie Dukes of Hazzard opens in order to capitalize on the publicity ... and I have to admit that I don't buy it. Thanks to everyone (and there were a lot of you) who forwarded me this email. If you want to read the email you can check out

David Beckham is a great dad ... check out these pictures of he and the boys, Brooklyn and Romeo, practicing their soccer skills:

How cute! And thank you, Becks, for giving us a peek at your stomach. Hot!

Eww ... what is NOT HOT is this set of pictures:

LOL! Matt Leblanc took his dog out so it could pee and he decided to do the same thing. HOW GROSS IS THAT?! The paparazzo who took this picture should be commended ... that is an excellent candid shot if I've ever seen one!

Madonna is the August covergirl for Vogue magazine, and here are a few of the pictures:

She looks like Martha Stewart except Martha would never be caught dead being photographed with live chickens. Madonna has truly jumped the shark, y'all.

Kelly Osbourne looks amazing in this photoshoot for Marie Claire magazine:

I've decided that I'm gonna always root for Kelly O ... she's a beautiful girl and I'm a fan.

Aww look at this ... Aaron Carter has made a new friend:

He and his back-up dancer look really tight.

Mischa Barton doesn't waste any time does she?

This picture proves that she has either picked up a new man ... or she was just randomly walking down the street with some dude.

Kate Beckinsale has a cute dog and a cute man:

Good for her!

Benji Madden, from Good Charlotte, showed up to help Disneyland celebrate it's 50th anniversary:

... and he brought a girl. I think he could try and look a little happier.

Ed Norton and his girlfriend spent some time on the beach:

Eddie is lookin' a little doughie ... he could use some sun.

Here's Jennifer Love Hewitt checkin' out those gossip magazines again:

Maybe tomorrow she'll be photographed reading People magazine ... hopefully wearing a better wig.

Check out the cast of Happy Endings at their movie premiere:

I still can't believe they used my butt for the movie poster.

Denise Richards has lost so much weight already:

She looks as if she was never pregnant.

Nicole Richie and her man DJ AM have decided to branch out with their careers:

Personally, I think they would be perfect for Cops.

Wee! I am so excited to see The Killers next weekend:

I hear they are playing new music on this tour ... rock on!

Aww, don't you wish Cameron Diaz would do this all the time?

I know I do.

Check out the movie poster for Reese Witherspoon's new movie Just Like Heaven:

It kinda looks like a Lifetime made-for-TV movie.

And finally ... check out this scan from Cosmopolitan magazine ... does it read familiar to you?

Click above for full size

I am the one who created Spederline -- without a doubt, that one is mine ... I can't necessarily claim ownership of TomKat (I made it up but I also read it on other sites the same day the story broke) and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has been saying Bennifer 2.0. What's up Cosmo ... you could at least say you heard it from me. [thanks for the scan Lauren]

Let's do the news:
Yesterday was amazing ... the entire EGO Detroit magazine staff got to eat at Mosaic in Greektown ... before the restaruant is even open! We had the most amazing meal ... everything was so delish! We had a blast!!

Afterwards, I met up with a hot chick for martinis ... the conversation was ... well ... interesting. I was hoping she was "blowing things out of proportion" ... but I suspect she wasn't -- and I'm extremely sorry for that.

Tonight, Phil Collins is set to ruin the day of another kickball team:

It's on, y'all!!!

BAM is playing a show tonight at Old Miami:

I'm hoping we can make the show but our kickball games are later tonight ... so we'll have to see. I'm sure they're gonna rock balls!!!

Tomorrow Erik and I are going to Kalamazoo, MI for the weekend to visit with his friends Jason and Andrea. I'll try and post a short entry tomorrow morning but Sunday's entry prolly won't come until late in the day ... just a heads up.

Lots to do today ... I'm out.