Sunday, July 17, 2005

All's Well That End's Well

Sorry for the lateness in posting but it's been a long day ... so this entry is going to be short too ... oh well ... it's the weekend, right?

The SkeletwinsTM have been reunited (yay!) and decided to go shopping in Beverly Hills:

It looks like they shopped up a storm ... and managed to generate quite a crowd of onlookers. Whatevs ... I can't believe they went shopping while I was out of town ... Linds, Nic -- you could'a called me!

Hilary Duff was on TRL on Friday ... getting a pedicure on live TV ... AND she called a lucky fan and gave away tickets to her concert. Hello ... she could'a called me!!! What is up?! Lindsay and Nicole go shopping without me ... Hilary calls up and gives away tickets to someone ... and that someone wasn't me -- WTF?!

At least I can't be mad at Joel Madden ... I love that he loves Louis Vuitton like I do. Dude, call me ... we'll go shopping.

So what do we think of Rachel McAdams at the premiere of Wedding Crashers?

She's looking very 60's mod ... I think it kind of suits her ... I like the hair but I don't really like the eye make-up. She looks cute tho.

Cindy Crawford was in Chile to help promote the new trading of a Chilean department store ... I wonder who she was talking about in this first picture?

Who knew that Cindy Crawford had any stock in what goes on in Chile ... stock ... get it? Sorry ... it's been a long day and I'm kinda tired.

Xtina Aguilera is on the cover of Max magazine:

She's sportin' the red lipstick again ...

Frankie Muniz just got engaged to a 45 year old woman ... who looks like Victoria Jackson from SNL:

... or something like that ... he is way too young to be getting married at all, let alone to an old chick like this.

Wow! Who knew that Hal Sparks had such a freaky-long tongue?

Well, besides his girl(or boy)friend.

And finally ... cuz I'm getting lazy ... here are some hot pictures of Chris Evans:

I have previously seen a couple of these pictures but not the full set ... he's a hottie for sure.

The news:
Erik and I had a great time at Jason and Andrea's place in Kalamazoo, MI. We went wine tasting, had delicious meals and played a raucous game of Trivial Pursuit: 90's Edition (I managed to come from behind and win the game -- holla!). On the way home we stopped off to see a movie ... Happy Endings:

What an excellent film! The story was very good ... and the acting was superb. I was very impressed by everyone in this movie. I really liked the way the story was told and the way the plotlines unfolded. Maggie Gyllenhaal is such a great actress ...

Tonight is going to be nice and relaxing ... I'll be back to normal tomorrow! I'm out.