Friday, July 22, 2005

What's In Your Bag?

Yeah ... there was A LOT of drinking last night ... hence there was A LOT of sleeping this morning ... sorry for the lateness, y'all!!

Yay! Britney Spears has been spending some time in the recording studio lately:

Does this mean that we'll have a new album soon? It's more likely she's recording a couple songs for release with her Chaotic DVD. Um, what the hell is going on with her ... she's eating an apple?! Maybe it's a Cheeto-flavored apple?

Xtina Aguilera is also spending time at the recording studio ...

She should be releasing a new album soon ... I like her Michigan State shirt.

Angelina Jolie took her new daughter Zahara for a bit of shopping:

It seems that Zahara isn't a Barnes & Noble fan.

Brad Pitt went for a ride on his motorcycle:

He sends his best.

David Beckham, with his Real Madrid team mates, is spending some time in China:

Man ... it is like impossible for this man to take a bad picture ... WHOOPS! it looks like I spoke a bit too soon:

Aww ... well, it's good to know that even hot Becks can take a bad picture.

Lindsay Lohan attempted to buy cigarettes and ended up getting carded:

... which is strange because lately she's been lookin' like a 40-year old. I have to say that I hate her purse ... she could at least use a Target bag.

Tom Cruise is the coverboy for Empire magazine:

His moody pictures are perfect for his My Space profile. Oh, and in case you were wondering ... he loves women.

With a sale of at least 10% and up to 50% off it seems that Courteney Cox just can't say no:

I like her sunglasses ... but once again, I have to poo-poo the clam diggers/peddle pushers ... I am not a fan of the short pants look.

YIKES! Check out what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's baby might look like:

Yeah ... if their kid comes out lookin' like this I'd recommend leaving it in the woods or something.

Hmmm ... look at how chummy Jessica Simpson looks with her trainer:

I wonder how chummy Nick Lachey is with his trainer ... whoever he may be.

Aww, check out these pictures of Debra Messing with her husband and son Roman:

She always looks so happy when she's with her family. I <3 her!

Liv Tyler also always looks happy when she's with her son Milo:


Jack Osbourne, lookin' fit and trim, just can't stop going out with dogs:

At least this dog is prettier than the dogs he usually dates.

Yay! Pink is the new Blog is being featured as Yahoo!'s blog of the day:

How cool is that?! [thanks for the heads up Dan]

Well, it's not as cool as getting another shout-out from Joel Madden on his official website:

Seriously Joel, when are we gonna go shopping at Louis Vuitton? Anyways, speaking of LV here is an article listing the 8 Things in Joel's LV Bag:

Click above to see larger size scan

Interesting ... and in case you were wondering here are the 4 Things in My LV Bag (hey, I have a smaller bag):

And finally, here are a couple more Pink fans with stickers:

More, more, more ... send in those pictures, y'all! And, as a reminder, I am OUT of stickers ... but I have ordered a new batch that should arrive in a few weeks. I'll give out information on how to get one for a mere $2 ... but later ...

It's newstime:
OMG ... last night was ... O.T.T. to the M.A.X.X. Kirsten, Sarah, Erik and I all went to OSLO for a We R DJ dance party called Love Bizarre ... yeah, you were supposed to show up in your underwear but we opted out of doing that ... we just showed up looking hot and commenced to drink our faces off ... the music was so-so ... the other people who showed up in their underwear were also so-so but we had fun nonetheless:

I got to hang out with hipster Susie who did another shot of Jameson with me while Prince played in the background ... twas pretty cool.

OH ... my new vanity plate arrived yesterday ... so after 4 years I no longer have DONTBUG:

I like TR3NT ... it looks good on my little Beetle.

Tonight Phil Collins is ready to ruin some lives as we play another set of kickball games:

The poor opposing team doesn't even know what they're in for ... the poor bitches.

That's it ... I'm out.