Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's easy to understand why it might be difficult to spread the word of Scientology these days ... but Kabbalah is another story, right Brit?

So Britney Spears has taken to carrying around her Kabbalah prayer book, eh? Interesting ... I never would have pegged Britters as the evangelical type.

Here is your first look at the packaging for Britney Spears' new fragrance Fantasy:

Looks like a cute little bottle ... but not very adult-looking. Is it supposed to be for little girls? Fantasy is set for release on the same day that Jennifer Lopez' new fragrance, Live, is released.

Here are the pictures from the UK Sun that were published yesterday of Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom kissing:

But Sienna has already moved on to someone else ... the day after she was spotted with Orlando she was spotted having dinner with Sean Penn. The girl is really drowning her sorrows, ain't she?

Paris Hilton is still hanging out in lovely France but now she's sporting dark locks again:

I'm fairly certain that she's wearing a wig ... but I'm not sure why. She looks so much better as a blonde ... she should keep her hair that way.

Aww, poor Nicole Richie ... all of her friends are away ... and she's left at home all alone:

Well, maybe she can make new friends ... or maybe not.

Sarah Jessica Parker gave up smoking when she got pregnant with her last child:

But apparently, she's taken up the gross habit again. Smoking leads to yellow finger nails, stinky hair and lines in your face! SJP, you're gettin' a might too old to be damaging your looks.

Pamela Anderson likes to go out without wearing any make-up:

It's a little scary.

Whoa! What the hell is going on with Scarlett Johansson?

Doesn't she look a little pregs in these recent pictures of her taken in the UK? Hmm ... maybe there'll be another shot-gun wedding in Hollywood soon.

Aww, poor Jennifer Love Hewitt:

It looks like she's reconsidering her decision to become the Ghost Whisperer in the new CBS drama this fall. It's okay, J. Love ... if the show is a failure you can always fall off the face of the earth like you usually do after a flop.

Check out this picture of Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx from the set of the Miami Vice movie:

It's a shame, Colin Farrell isn't looking as hot as I'd like ... the ponytail/mullet I can forgive but he seems to be getting a little thick around the waist. Hopefully he'll get hot again by the time the movie gets released.

Now Jonathan Rhys Meyers is lookin' pret-ty dang hot in these pictures from the set of Mission: Impossible 3:

Those lips, those eyes, those arms ... as Kirsten might say -- Yes, please!

Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott paid a little visit to some military folks while out promoting their new movie, The Dukes of Hazzard:

Seann shaved off all of his hair ... he looks pretty good in a kinda serial-killer/deranged-lunatic sort of way.

Charlize Theron is not shy when it comes to wearing see-thru clothing:

She only gets shy when she has to wear a superhero costume that she feels is "too revealing". Damn, how much more revealing can you get than see-thru?

Poor Kim Stewart for having to put up with all the barbs and attacks she has to suffer:

Oh wait -- Poor Us for having to put up with Kim Stewart at all.

Check out this awesome picture of David Beckham:

I liked Becks with his shaved head ... oh who am I kidding, I like Becks all the time.

Drew Barrymore really likes to take pictures:

Maybe she should give up acting and become a paparazzo.

And finally, check out these pictures of Jennifer Garner ... all bustin' out of her shirt:

She's getting pretty big ... I wonder exactly how far along she really is.

Let's do the news:
Yesterday was pretty chill ... our plans for the evening were nixed at the last minute so Erik and I watched some He-Man and the Masters of the Universe instead. You know, the show may look a little corny now but it's still a good kids' show. They just don't make kids' cartoons the way they used to anymore.

Yeah ... that's it for now ... it's rainy and gloomy out so I think I'll just go try and enjoy the day as best I can. Lates!

PS: Cátia a.k.a. Bitch #2 Happy Birthday!!!! Love, Tiago & Trent