Saturday, July 30, 2005

Party UP!

First things first, I have to wish a very happy birthday to La Fashionista KIRSTEN:

It would be completely uncouth to reveal her actual age ... let's just say she's just one year older! Happy Birthday, K-Dawg!!!

Lord ... just when I was ready to cut Kevin Federline some slack (since he was seen wearing sandals without socks) I go and find these pictures of K-Fed outside his recording studio wearing socks and sandals again!

Well, in his defense these pictures were taken before the pictures posted yesterday. It seems that he arrived at the recording studio and they wouldn't let him in ... gee, I wonder why.

Jack Osbourne is in London (man, everyone's in Europe these days) and is tooling around in a Mini Cooper:

He's still looking much better after slimming down. I actually like posting pictures of Jack Osbourne now.

The OC kids do spend a lot of time hanging out together ... which is kinda cool, I guess. Check out these pictures of Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton and their dogs:

I wonder where Benjamin Mackenzie is. Maybe he has a pet turtle and the other kids laugh and make fun of him.

Aww ... it's nice to see David Arquette getting work again:

At least we know now that Courteney Cox doesn't make all the money in that family.

Whoa ... Ashlee Simpson has a big bag:

What in hell could she possibly have in a bag that big? Maybe there's an Olsen twin in there.

Katie Holmes is on the cover of Polish Cosmopolitan magazine:

She looks really pretty actually. I wonder what the interview was about. I'm sure it had nothing at all to do with Tom Cruise.

Here are some pictures of Reichen Lehmkuhl Burke from various places:

The first picture is from his appearance at an ABC party, the second picture is from his photospread in Advocate magazine and the last picture is one that he shared on his website of his new tattoo. I still think he's hot even if some people think he's this generation's David Hasslehoff.

Here is a new picture of Landon (Real World: Philadelphia) from the Wax Brand website:

Seriously ... not a porn site ... an underwear site.

Check out these awesome shoes!

A Pink reader came across these shoes and sent me the picture. They rule! Thanks Candida!

Also, Vinny is a Pink fan and his friends are throwing him a Pink Party tonight:

Happy Birthday, Vinny! Enjoy your party! [thanks Kristen]

The news:
It is my sad duty to report that Phil Collins fell last night ... we lost both games last night. Yes, yes ... it's very sad. We played really well, I scored twice (I was really on last night) but the other team was pretty good ... AND we had the same idiot referee from last week ... not to mention that it rained the whole night! OY! No matter, we're pumped for the playoffs ... Phil Collins will rise from the ashes of this defeat!!!

Yeah, after the games we hit Ye Olde Saloon and got shitty ... lots of shots, lots of drinking. Then we came home, changed and went back out to dance the night/morning away at Detroit Contemporary for Funk Night. I was tired, y'all but we had fun nonetheless.

Thankfully I'm not sick or hungover (even after tequila shots). Lots to do today ... more partying is to be had. Deets soon ... I'm out.