Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Panty Raid

Yesterday, Britney Spears decided to do some baby clothes shopping ... note, she is choosing blue colored clothing. Also note that Miss Brit is FINALLY wearing a bra!!!

Unfortunately, we must also take note the color of Britney's underpants. OY!

Here is a picture of Kevin Federline and his children, Kori and Caleb, from Kori's birthday party over the weekend:

Hmm ... those kids look thrilled, don't they? Well who wouldn't be thrilled to have K-Fed for a dad?!

While the world's press was busy leaking details of Jennifer Aniston's interview with Vanity Fair magazine yesterday, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to hook up and take off for a private plane ride for two:

Looks like she's in the driver's seat ... yeah, that sounds about right.

Aww, look ... Mary Kate Olsen has finally outgrown her size -8 jeans ... they are practically falling off her ... and lookie what I see:

See you shakin' da thang like who's da ish
With a look in your eye so devilish
Uh she likes to dance at all the hip hop spots
Then she cruise through the crews like connect da dots
Not just urban she likes the pop cause
She was livin' la vida loca
She had dumps like a truck (truck, truck)
Thighs like what (what, what)
Baby move your butt (butt, butt)
All night long let me see da thong

Another day, another trip to the food store for Bennifer ...

More food, more food, more food ... At least she's eating healthy -- good Jen Garner!

Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera reunited at an E! party recently and still look like they make a cute couple ... even with the matching lamester hats:

Yeah, it seems that Ryan had an "accident" just like Fergie did on stage in San Diego this past weekend. I hope this doesn't become the "new thing". [via Hollywood Simpson and]

Who knew that Jessica Simpson was a superhero in training?

I'm not usually a fan of capes but ... I dunno ... I don't hate this look ... maybe it's the killer shoes? Or maybe the heat is getting to me?

Paris2 have moved the partying to Italy, and it seems that Tara Reid is still tagging along:

Is Tara, like, completely incapable of taking a good picture? Hey, at least she's sober (I think) and clothed (for the most part) -- good Tara Reid!

Whoa ... what has Ricky Martin been up to lately?

He looks weather-beaten and fatigued. He looks a bit like the guy I saw collecting pop cans at the park this weekend.

Check out this interesting picture of Mandy Moore from a recent i-D magazine photoshoot:

It's a little glam-overload for me ... I like my Mandy more stripped down with less make-up. It's ... interesting tho.

Here are a couple other Candie's for Kohl's ads featuring Hilary Duff:

They are really going all out to promote her as the new face of Candie's. I bet she is raking in the $$$ hand over fist. Good for her! [via JJB]

Here are a couple more Pink fans with their stickers:

Okay ... here's the scoop. I have sent out all the stickers I had to my friend Kimberlee. She tells me that she still has some stickers to distribute so if you would like a sticker (and promise to send in a picture with the sticker) then email Kimberlee HERE and she'll get the sticker to you -- while supplies last.

And finally, I want to give a big shout out to Kevin:

Kevin is the man responsible for the infamous "Trent Cake". I hear he's feeling a little under the weather so I'm sending lots of Pink love out so that he gets better soon!

It's newstime:
I have been spending as much time as possible reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But, Erik and I did manage to spend some quality time together last night.

The job search continues, preparations for our upcoming weekend away are underway ... the summer is quickly coming to an end ... and suddenly, I'm getting sad about it.

Enjoy the summer while you can, y'all! I'm out.

PS: Thanks to ALL OF YOU who emailed to tell me the guy who was pictured with Nicky Hilton yesterday was the dude from Entourage. No more emails, please :)